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Student Finds Her Passion From Anthropology to Graphic Design

Katie Smedley is from a small Dutch coastal town in western Michigan and was introduced to Southern Utah University through relatives who lived in Utah. It was a big decision to attend SUU, but with a scholarship and encouragement from her family, she decided to make the leap. When she arrived, Smedley was shy, out of her comfort zone, and unsure of what she wanted to pursue academically.

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SUU Seeks Funding for New Childcare and Preschool

Kathy Wyatt, wife of President Scott L Wyatt, dropped out of college to support her husband through law school and raise their son. Money was tight and they were worried about student loans. Years later she has returned to college to earn a degree in Family Life and Human Development.

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How You Can Protect Yourself From the Equifax Data Breach

By Mark Walton on September 14, 2017

in Campus Resources

The credit reporting/monitoring company, Equifax, suffered a massive data breach. The breach occurred sometime between May and July of 2017, but the public is just now being notified of the breach. 

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Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Qingping Liu, Chinese

After graduating high school Dr. Qingping Liu’s plan was to become a lawyer. She entered East China Normal University to study Chinese by accident. After graduating in 1990 she began teaching and discovered how much she enjoyed it. She taught Chinese in Indonesia and France then came to Utah to teach language at Cedar High School and Canyon View High School in 2016. Shortly after she was hired to teach Chinese at SUU in fall 2016

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University of the Parks Competes in Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge

By Southern Utah University on September 13, 2017

in Students, Cedar City, Outdoors

Southern Utah University is competing against 92 universities across the country to defend its 2015 title as the “Most Outdoorsy School” in the Nation. The Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge is a Mother Nature meets March Madness-style competition lasting four weeks from September 18 to October 15.

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Pre-Physical Therapy Student Leads Initiative to Fight Parkinson’s Disease

Jens Howe, a pre-physical therapy student at Southern Utah University, has launched a non-contact boxing program to assist people with Parkinson’s Disease (PD). The Southwest Parkinson’s Disease Fitness Alliance is operated through the SUU Rural Health Scholars (RHS) program and will hold weekly classes at Snap Fitness, located on Main Street in Cedar City. The classes are tailored specifically to meet the needs of people with PD.

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12 Years Ranked as Best in the West

By Cami Mathews on September 12, 2017

in Students

The Princeton Review has recognized Southern Utah University as one of the best regional schools in the country. This marks the twelfth year the university has been included in the “Best of the West” listing.

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7 Things To Know About Hospitality Management

By Miles Anderson on September 11, 2017

in School of Business, Majors

The close proximity to some of the most luxurious resorts in the nation makes Southern Utah University an ideal place to study Hotel, Resort, and Hospitality Management. The program utilizes the short distance to places like Las Vegas, Moab, Park City, and Lake Powell to visit high-class hotels and resorts in order to connect with the industry and learn firsthand about career possibilities.

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How to Make a College Budget

If you’ve never managed your own money before, budgeting might seem extremely daunting. In reality, it’s actually simple, straightforward and has the potential to save you a ton of money in the future.

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Easy Pizza Waffles On the Go

By Abigail Wyatt on September 11, 2017

in Recipe

  Have you ever had to forgo a meal because you were running late to class? Or have you ever been so hungry you think you can’t possibly cook a meal and just eat out instead? Well this recipe is so fast and easy you won’t have to worry about any of that again. In fact, you can cook and finish eating Pizza Waffles in the time it would take for a fast food delivery driver to arrive at your apartment.

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Faculty Friday; Dr. Adam Lambert, Music

Musically inclined from a young age, Dr. Adam Lambert has always been drawn to a high calibre of music.

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Easy Chili Fry Bread

By Abigail Wyatt on September 07, 2017

in Recipe

Navajo Tacos are fry bread topped with homemade chili and taco fixings. Indian fry bread became a Navajo tradition in the mid-1800s. As years passed it became a common food among many tribes across the American continents. Today, fry bread is often found at state fairs and is served with honey, cinnamon, sugar or honey butter.

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SUU Trademarks “University of the Parks”

By Southern Utah University on September 06, 2017

in Students, Outdoors

After filing government paperwork and months of waiting, Southern Utah University has officially trademarked the University of the Parks. By incorporating SUU’s academic offerings and its geographic location, the University of the Parks designation sets SUU apart and promotes a unique proposition for students interested in the outdoors and experiencing hands-on learning outside of the classroom.

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DACA Controversy

By President's Cabinet on September 06, 2017

Southern Utah University is closely following the announcement on 9-05 by U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

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Taking Ballroom Dance to the Next Level

Dance is life to René Andres Guzman. Falling in love with dance from a young age, Guzman has a goal to dance any style and succeed at a high difficulty. He is driven, dedicated, and focused on taking his dance career to the next level.

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Faculty Friday; Meet Jennifer Burt, Communication

Jennifer Burt, a professional in residence at Southern Utah University, never pictured herself as a professor. In fact, the very idea of speaking in front of a room full of people multiple times a day used to terrify her. After an opportunity to teach in grad school, however, Jen found that she enjoyed teaching much more than she ever could have imagined.

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