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Chris Pogue of Nuix Enriches SUU's Online Cyber Security Master Program

Chris Pogue, cyber security expert and adjunct professorWhen Southern Utah University launched its groundbreaking Master of Science in Cyber Security and Information Assurance (MS-CSIA) program at the end of last year, its next move was to enrich the program’s curriculum by partnering with some of the industry’s best and brightest professionals.  

Cyber security expert and adjunct professor for SUU’s program Chris Pogue was recently promoted at Nuix, a global technology firm at the forefront of cyber security solutions and one of SUU’s chief program partners. Pogue’s new role as the Chief Information Security Officer will further enhance the educational environment for online students.

“We want to yield graduates that possess the requisite technical, communication and critical thinking skills that will set them apart and promote success in the workplace,” said Pogue, speaking on his new role and the Cyber Security program. “Our goal is to see SUU become a center of excellence for cyber security education that graduate some of the most well equipped students anywhere in the world.”

Roger LaMarca, SUU director of online admissions, tells of Pogue’s past experiences and the enriching education he will bring to the program.

“From U.S. Secret Service training to law enforcement advisory missions in Australia and Kazakhstan, Pogue is one of the most renowned leaders in the cyber world. Starting this summer, students who take SUU’s cyber security courses will learn directly from one of the industry greats, a rare privilege that will arm them with knowledge and insight that are not accessible anywhere else,” said LaMarca.    

According to his company profile, Pogue, formerly Senior Vice President of Cyber Threat Analysis at Nuix, possesses extensive expertise in the field of cyber security. A breach investigator with a military and law enforcement background, Pogue understands better than most the security threats to big data and has advised organizations across the globe on the appropriate countermeasures to illegal hacks and digital disruption.

In a recent white paper, Pogue boldly argues where modern efforts in cyber security have gotten it wrong and presents “a strategic battle plan and practical action plan for organizations to focus on using technology, people and processes to address the people problems of cyber security.”   

Pogue, along with other experienced professionals, will offer SUU students a truly real-world education via online courses. Such courses found in the MS-CSIA program specifically address “the design and management of systems tasked with defending networks from external threats, such as terrorism.” By taking these courses, students will obtain defense industry-level skills and enter the workforce prepared for a market in high demand for cyber security professionals.

“If we are to stand a chance at defending what is ours from these relentless adversaries, we need men and women that are passionate, smart, dedicated and technically savvy,” said Pogue. “Cyber security knowledge and skills have never been in higher demand and there is no sign of abating. I cannot think of a more important cause or a better place to apply my skills and abilities. I cannot think of a better university to partner with!”

Registration for the summer and fall semesters is currently under way, so those who are interested in this program should contact SUU at 435-865-8665 or immediately.