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Employee Campus Forum: January 23, 2017


Southern Utah University President Scott Wyatt held an employee campus forum on January 23, 2017. In two separate meetings held that day, President Wyatt discussed plans for future buildings, logistics of new program partnerships, and the benefits of a college education. The legislation, university and governor's budgets were also discussed in detail. 


Following their first meet of the season with Stanford, the Thunderbird gymnastics team rocketed up the National polls and are now ranked ninth in the nation.


Commencement will be held Friday, April 28, 2017. We are excited to announce Bob Schieffer as the commencement speaker. Bob is a political correspondent and famous journalist. Please come celebrate with students - all employees are encouraged to attend commencement.


On April 27, 2017, ground will be broken on the new business building.


The PE Building is North in the photo, the Student Center is to the South.


There will be an Entrepreneurship Center located inside the new business building.


The new housing complex Founder's Hall, funded through a public/private partnership with the Leavitt Center. 


If the university had built the project by itself, it would have cost at least 6 - 7 million dollars more due to building board construction standards. The building is located along 200 South and Dewy Lane.


SUU Aviation recently partnered with SkyWest Airlines. SkyWest wants to hire 200 SUU pilots each year, which means we need 600 - 700 students enrolled in the program. We are thinking of buying a new aircraft instead of leasing to help lower the cost of the program. 


Remind students that college pays. 12 years after someone graduates with a bachelor's degree they will be able to pay off their student loans. College is a great investment.


Students need to build discipline and be comfortable with a little debt. Unemployment rates are lower for individuals with a bachelor's degree.


SUU is growing, but remaining the same for the faculty to student ratio. Some areas are growing faster than others, but we make those adjustments.


Every 20 years the university has doubled in size. We need to keep growing. 


As we get larger, our costs decrease and we are able to give more quality with more resources.


We will grow but we will keep small class sizes and have more opportunities.


The state of Utah is growing in terms of population and we'll continue to see more students attending SUU.


These are the highest graduation and highest retention rates in our history. But we want to continue to improve and keep a forward momentum. We have the highest public graduation rate in the eight intermountain states.


 This is the budget comparison between the Board of Regents and Governor Herbert. 


The first priority is compensation. There is a difference between the Regent's and Governor's priorities. Based on the governor's logic, all funding is compensation of performance-based work.


The top line is the governor's entire budget he can spend. The second line is what higher education in Utah usually gets. The regents are requesting a lot more (line 4) which was positioned high to raise the normal share of 12% to the governor's total proposal of 16.6%.


67 universities in SUU's CUPA calculation. This compares the CUPA average with the CLI (Cost of Living Index) to determine a comparisons of salaries based on purchasing power in the community where the university is situated. Cedar City's CLI is 91.034% of the average among the 67 universities. 68% of all master's universities in the nation have a defined contribution retirement plan. Of these institutions, the average retirement contribution is 8%, oursis 14.2% or 6.2% higher. The highest is 14% and the lowest is 0%. (Source: SUU HR)

forum-22-tuition-fees-comparison.pngThis is the annual tuition and fees comparison in 2016-17 for all the universities in Utah.