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Faculty Friday; Meet Michiko Kobayashi, Education

Michiko-Kobayashi-Teaching.jpgDr. Michiko Kobayashi is an associate professor of education at Southern Utah University. Her specializations include distance education, technology integration in the classroom, second language acquisition, and multicultural education. In addition to face-to-face instruction, she also investigates innovative course designs to maximize student learning in online classrooms.

Kobayashi first became interested in education while studying English education in Japan. She came to the United States to improve her English and broadcasted a Japanese language class in Virginia as part of a national TV program. She received an MS in linguistics and ESL from Radford University and a PhD in instructional design and technology from Virginia Tech.

Kobayashi teaches the following classes:

Kobayashi has taught at SUU since 2006. She has published many works involving the use of technology in the classroom and how to support ESL (english as a second language) children in the classroom. She has presented at many conferences including the ED-Media World Conference. Her current research focuses on the development of student's cultural consciousness using Web 2.0 technologies.

“Teaching isn’t always easy, but when I get an email or message from a former student letting me know how they’re doing I’m reminded the effort is worth it,” said Kobayashi. “Being able to see my students succeed is the reason why I love teaching.”

She enjoys instructing current and upcoming teachers on how to use technology and include culture and diversity in education. These things are becoming increasingly more important due to the continual development of new technology in the igeneration. As technology grows it provides new ways to connect around the world that increase culture and diversity in the classroom.

Kobayashi is an animal lover and likes traveling and taking photographs. She has visited Italy, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, British Columbia, Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Germany, and Poland. She enjoys eating at small local restaurants in foreign countries and experiencing new cultures.