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LeShaun Sims: 2016 NFL Draft

By Southern Utah University on April 28, 2016 in

Athletics, NFL Draft

LeShaun Sims completing drills in the 2016 SUU Pro DayOut of Andre Agassi Prep in Las Vegas, Nevada, LeShaun Sims was the first player in the history of his high school to land a college scholarship. SUU coaching was drawn to this defensive back as someone that could hustle and drive.

“Coach Lamb saw a motor in me, a player that doesn’t give up on plays,” Sims said. “One specific play made them decide to recruit was when I chased down a ball carrier and tackled him at the one yard line. They knew.”

While Sims was a natural athlete in many sports, he was drawn to football because of the competiveness and intensity that the sport brings to the table.

“I love being on one-on-one matchups,” he said.  “I enjoy that competitiveness. Working out with my teammates, they’ve pushed me to become better.”

LeShaun Sims during the 2016 SUU football season after an interceptionSims also performed well in the classroom as he finished his degree in Physical Education & Human Performance, an education that he believes will help him succeed in the NFL.

“My degree helped me prepare for the NFL because a lot of my classes were about how your body responds to sports performance,” he said. “I think my education really helped me to transition to the NFL.”