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Meet Our Professors: Ali Siahpush, Engineering

Professor Ali Siahpush has worked at mulitple universities and also for NASA before and while working at SUU. He is always looking for an opportunity to enhance his knowledge for himself that he can then share with his students. 

Associate Professor of Engineering in Mechanical and Technology


How long have you been working at SUU?
2 years

Where did you grow up?
Tehran, Iran and Logan UT

Where did you attend college and what did you study?
-Bachelor’s in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Mathematics and Physics at Utah State University
-Master’s in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Utah State University
-Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Idaho
-Post-Doctoral in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Idaho

Where did you work before coming to SUU/do you work somewhere else in this field?
-Currently,  NASA for the Utah Space Grant Consortia
-Associate Professor at Ferris State University, Idaho State University, and University of Idaho
-Idaho National Laboratory as the Lead Mechanical Engineer
-NASA at Utah State University in the Space Dynamics Lab

When and how did you decide what you wanted your career to be?
I still don’t know. I love learning and I will not say to any opportunity that enhances my knowledge.

Favorite thing to teach about your subject?
I love thermodynamics, heat transfer, and thermos-hydraulics. It teaches me about conserving my energy and not wasting it.

Why do you love your field?
It is very diverse and that is very exciting. In my 24 years working at Idaho National Laboratory, I did not do many similar projects. There was always a twist and something new.

What is one thing you wish to tell every student in your class?
Life is too short to take anything serious. Learn from your mistakes and no regrets.

What do you love about SUU?
Small campus and a small number of students in my classes. I know every one of my students. Also, all the hiking places around is simply awesome.