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Student Finds Passion in Choreography


Parker Hess of Rocky Mountain, Missouri, has always had a passion for performing, but came to college not knowing how much dance choreography would become part of his education experience.

A senior majoring in theatre arts at Southern Utah University, Hess is heavily involved in his studies and student government. During his junior year, Hess produced a Summer Dance Showcase in which he choreographed a solo performance. The solo has now been showcased in multiple concerts and submitted to several competitions.

Through the process, Hess found the construction of dance to be both liberating and exciting.  

“Art can be very expressive, and sharing my thoughts, ideas and emotions through dance just gives me a thrill,” Hess said. “This discovery has me wanting to choreograph all of the time.”

According to Hess, the dance composition series offered by SUU’s Dance Department and taught by Department Chair Kay Anderson, Assistant Professor Megan Brunsvold-Mercedes, and Professor Patrica Meredith, helped him grow as a choreographer.

“The series helped me discover my passion for constructing dance,” Hess said. “At SUU, I have received so much support in every work I chase after.”

Aside from caring faculty, Hess has also seen fellow students show up to support his choreography work, and his dancers. The experience has given him confidence and drive to continue creating performance art, and to pursue an arts-related career.