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SUU on the Hill: A Day in the Life of SUU Interns

By Alexandra White on February 04, 2019 in

Cedar City, SUU Politics

2019-SUU-InternsI’ve been working at the capitol for one week now during which I’ve had the opportunity to take on all sorts of projects and assignments from running Donna Law’s social media accounts to setting up daily luncheons and meetings.

With the understanding that every day brings a brand new adventure, here’s my take on the average day at the capitol:

  1. Hop on the Frontrunner train bright and early. During this time, I read up on what is happening with bills and the committees that we watch to make sure I’m aware of what to expect. I get to the capitol building right before 8 a.m. and meet up with Donna to find out what we need to get done and what our tentative schedule is for the day.

  2. Set up meetings with legislators. This requires me to be constantly texting their interns about their whereabouts because of the limited time they have to meet with us. Sometimes we schedule five-minute meetings and sometimes those meetings happen while the legislators are walking to their next meeting. It’s a quick moving day when we have lots of these types of meetings!

  3. Attend meetings. Once we get going with legislator meetings, I take notes on information we need to follow up with and whether or not we need to meet again. It’s really a neat experience to be part of these meetings and to get to know the legislators at a more personal level.

  4. Create social media and blog content. This is my favorite project to work on because I get to use my own creative capacities and build something that shows off all of the good work that Donna and SUU are doing during the legislative session. Follow us on Instagram @DonnaJardineLaw or Twitter @SoUTdlaw.

  5. Plan SUU Day On The Hill event. This is the day when SUU students are invited to come meet with legislators and run a booth in the rotunda of the capitol building. My job is to make sure this day goes smoothly. If you’re interested in joining in on the action, email

  6. Lunchtime meetings. We have two lunch meetings a week with all of the higher education institutions government relations representatives. During our time together, we discuss bills that affect all of our campuses and students. This is where we decide whether or not we support a bill and come up with plans to get it to pass, get killed, or amended.

  7. Committee meetings. Every morning we watch legislators in both the Higher Education Appropriations Committee and Infrastructure and General Government Committee to determine our best plan of action moving forward with our goals.

  8. Commute back home. During this time I enjoy networking and learning about the other interns’ experiences so far. It’s fun to learn about the passion they have for their work.

So I basically have the best internship ever, it’s so fun! I’m learning lots and finding exciting ways to support our campus on the hill. I can’t wait to see what else I’m able to experience.

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Hi! I’m Alexandra, a senior strategic communication student, writing to you from the Utah State Capitol. This semester, I am the Government Relations intern for Southern Utah University and I’m excited to share my journey with you as I learn the ins and outs of being a young professional.


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