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Meet the Staff of the Center for Diversity and Inclusion

All of Your Commencement Questions Answered

News from the SUU Women's Network, April 2019

Meet Our Professors: Krystal McCoy, Music

Meet SUU's Grounds Division

News from the SUU Women's Network, March 2019

Meet Our Professors: Wendy Sanders, Theatre Arts

SUU on the Hill: 2019 Utah Legislative Session Comes to a Close

SUU on the Hill: Higher Education on the Hill Day

Meet Our Professors: Jeff Orton, Accounting

More Than Just Copies -- Ways To Use the Copy & Post

SUU On The Hill: 4 Reasons Why You Should Intern as a Student

SUU on the Hill: Halfway Mark for the Legislative Session

Why You Need to Vote in SUU Elections

Meet Our Professors: Steven Swift, Art & Design

News from the SUU Women's Network, February 2019

Meet SUU's Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Managing Sickness and Chronic Illness in College

When Your Cough Turns Into Something Worse: Unexpected Illness in College

Meet Our Professors: Jana Lunt, Math Education

What to Share on Your LinkedIn Profile

10 Hidden Features on LinkedIn You Should Be Using

5 Ways to Connect with People on LinkedIn

How to Build Your LinkedIn Profile

SUU on the Hill: Intern David Rodgers

Meet Our Professors: Kris Phillips, Philosophy

SUU on the Hill: A Day in the Life of SUU Interns

Why Do More Than 400 SUU Students Study Psychology?

SUU on the Hill: The Utah Legislative Session Begins This Week

Meet Our Professors: Iliana Portaro, Spanish

Meet the SUU Women's Network

Meet Our Professors: Michael Crotty, Dance

How to Effectively Network

6 Sections Every Resume Should Include

Psychology Major Uses EDGE To Become More Fluent In ASL

3 Reasons Why You Should Study Philosophy

Meet Our Professors: Liz Olson, Anthropology

Tips for a Successful Cover Letter

How to Answer Common Job Interview Questions

President’s Podcast: Free Speech on Campus, Part 2

Pizza & Politics - Vaccines

President’s Podcast: The Importance of Student Scholarships

Pizza & Politics - SUU Smoking and Drinking Policies

Meet Our Professors: Kevin Stein, Communication

Look at How Far You've Come

Student Follows Dreams to Study Chinese Culture

Pizza & Politics - Disability Awareness

President’s Podcast: Student Athletes

Executive of Spectrum Reach Speaks in Entrepreneurship Class

7 Gift Ideas from SUMA for Under $30

Avoid Getting Scammed This Holiday Season

President’s Podcast: The First Thanksgiving

IT Executive Speaks in Entrepreneurship Class

President’s Podcast: Student Debt and Financial Planning

Meet Our Professors: Brandon Wiggins, Physics

President’s Podcast: Mental Health on Campus

Founder of The Red Fred Project Speaks in Entrepreneurship Class

Meet Our Professors: Jennifer McKenzie, Special Education

CFO of Larry H. Miller Management Group Speaks in Entrepreneurship Class

Pizza & Politics - Conspiracy Theories

President’s Podcast: Sowing Seeds for the Future

Five Ways to Be Civically Engaged

Meet SUU's Board of Trustees

The Value of Internships in College

Meet Our Professors: Toa Tawa, English

Founder of Groviv Speaks in Entrepreneurship Class

Pizza & Politics - Space Force

Pizza & Politics - LGBTQ+ Reproductive Rights

President’s Podcast: The Pursuit of Happiness

President’s Podcast: Youtube vs. Higher Education

President’s Podcast: Higher Education, Delivering the Promise of America

Mitt Romney Speaks in Entrepreneurship Class

How and Why You Should Utilize a Professor’s Office Hours

President and CEO of Banyan Inc. Speaks in Entrepreneurship Class

Meet Our Professors: Leilani Nautu, Education

Former CMO of Petsmart Inc. Speaks in Entrepreneurship Class

President’s Podcast: Title IX - History and Impact

Pizza & Politics - Health Care

President’s Podcast: Shakespeare, Education and Tolerance

CEO of FJ Management Inc. Speaks in Entrepreneurship Class

SUU Campus Resources & Services

President’s Podcast: SUU Aviation - Meeting the Needs of Students and Industry with Mike Mower

Meet Our Professors: Michelle Orihel, History

Pizza & Politics - Sex Workers' Rights Movement

Pizza & Politics - Patriotism

100 Study Tips from College Students

Pizza & Politics - Suicide Awareness

Former President of Layton Construction Speaks in Entrepreneurship Class

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Utah Lobbyist Presents in Entrepreneurship Class

10 Places to Go Stargazing in Southern Utah

Conversations You Should Have With Your Roommates

Living in University Housing

10 Student Goals for a New School Year

A New Way to Game

Time Management Tips in College

Managing Stress in College

Future Doctor Honored as COSE Valedictorian

Stress Management Techniques in College

Spreading Optimism Through LDS Home Decor

10 Tips for Healthy Relationships in College

President's Podcast: The Ghost Map (Parts 1 & 2)

Why is there a Lighthouse in Cedar City?

7 Questions Students Have Before Going to SUU

12 Questions Every Parent has About Sending Their Child to SUU

Chains and Franchises in Cedar City

Writing Exam Strategies

Information Security News, August 2018

Student Entrepreneur Reinvents the Stitch

Mexican/South American Restaurants in Cedar City

Local Diners in Cedar City

Coffee/Drink Spots in Cedar City

What is the Student Help Center?

Meet Our Professors: Bill Heyborne, Biology

Thunder U

Bars & Pubs in Cedar City

Traffic and Parking Advisory: Tour of Utah Stage 1

Asian Restaurants in Cedar City

Student Musician Heads to Europe

What to Eat in Cedar City

BBQ Restaurants in Cedar City

Shipping Options in Cedar City

Putting the YOU in Thunder U

First Year Advice from One College Student to Another

Finals Week Survival Kit

Eating on A College Budget

The College Packing Guide

9 Secrets to College Success

Meet Our Professors: Adam Lambert, Music

The Beginner’s Guide to the Athletic Training Major

Don't "Locke" Your Potential; Become a Philosophy Major

Five Reasons to Study Master of Public Administration

Seasonal Events in Cedar City

Schedule a Personalized Visit to Campus

CPVA Valedictorian Reflects on Opportunities at SUU

President's Podcast: 1984 (Parts 1 & 2)

Public Services in Cedar City

Why We Celebrate the 4th of July

What You Need to Fill Out the FAFSA

Creating a Mess-Free Meal Time for Moms

Bringing Green Infrastructure Home

Seafood/Island Restaurants in Cedar City

Outdoor Activities in Cedar City

Medical Services in Cedar City

Meet Our Professors: Jason Kaiser, Geology

Athletic Training Student Named College of Education and Human Development Valedictorian

Requesting a Tutor at SUU

5 Tips for Proper Trail Etiquette

6 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed to Bring to College

New Student Checklist for Incoming Freshmen

Public Policy in the United Kingdom

La Fundación de SUU

Mechanics in Cedar City

Gyms/Fitness in Cedar City

Specialty/Dessert Spots in Cedar City

Food Trucks in Cedar City

Online Orientation for Incoming Freshmen

Grocery Stores in Cedar City

What is the First-Year Experience Office?

Festivals in Cedar City

Southern Utah University Student Association

How Your Student Success Advisor Can Help You in School

Staying Safe in the Outdoors This Summer

Entertainment in Cedar City

3 Reasons To Be Involved On Campus

World Long Drive Competitor to Host Longest Drive Competition

Italian Restaurants in Cedar City

President's Podcast: A Deadly Wandering (Parts 1 & 2)

SUU Student Digs Geology

Meet Our Professors: Briget Eastep, Outdoor Recreation

Cedar City Resource Guide

5 Things to Prepare for High School Graduation

Freshman Organizes Annual Student Film Festival

Meet SUU's Assistant Coaches for Excellence & Success

Get Outside for National Trails Day (June 2)

Top 10 Places To Camp Near Cedar City

Russian Tennis Player Starts Business to Help International Athletes

How to Utilize the SUU Career Center

2018 Summer Construction Projects

Join a Club at SUU

Meet Our Professors: Dave Lunt, History

The T-Bird Takeoff Questionnaire: Your Official Start at SUU

My SUU Voice

Congratulations to the 2018 Tenure Faculty

Young Mother Graduates as Valedictorian

How to Decorate Your Graduation Cap: Tips, Tricks & Ideas

Top 10 Mountain Biking Trails in Southern Utah

Living On & Off Campus at SUU

50 Things to Do as a Thunderbird

2018 SUU Graduation Student Speaker, Ayleen Perry

Student Entrepreneurs Want to Up Your Street Cred

What to Bring to Graduation

SUU Comic Con: Exploring Pop Culture

Top Four Reasons to Study Aviation at SUU

What You Need to Know as an Incoming Freshman at SUU

Pizza and Politics - Climate Change

Student Entrepreneurs Create Modest Swimwear Company

President's Podcast: Sound & Psychology

President Wyatt's Message: Good Luck With Finals

Meet Our Professors: Lawrence Johnson, Music

Pizza and Politics - Liquor Laws

Graduation Cap Decoration Ideas

50+ Graduation Cap Ideas

Advice from the Class of 2018

Pizza and Politics- Women’s Reproductive Rights

2018 Thunderbird Awards Winners

6 Iconic Spots to Take Graduation Photos at SUU

2018 Commencement Awards

President's Podcast: Festival of Excellence, Part 2

Meet Our Professors: Megan Brunsvold, Dance

Introducing SUU’s New Student Body President: D’Mia Lamar

President's Podcast: Festival of Excellence, Part 1

Outdoor Enthusiast & Mental Health Advocate Named SIEL Valedictorian

Meet Our Professors: Howard Hu, Hospitality Management

Creating a Professional Portfolio

LDS Church as a Global Faith

President's Podcast: Southwest Tech Partnership

Business Valedictorian Prepared for Life After College

Meet Our Professors: Angela Pool-Funai, Public Administration

Utah's New Free Range Parenting Law

Data Privacy - The Responsibility of Facebook

The Festival of Excellence

President's Podcast: MLK Legacy

Meet Our Professors: Mary Pearson, Accounting

Pizza and Politics- Sexual Assault and Title IX

Along with SUU Professor, Microsoft Publishes Study on Girls in STEM

SUU Intern Passes Dark Skies Bill

President's Podcast: Liberal Arts, Part 2

Why I Chose SUU

10 Outdoor Essentials

Pizza and Politics - Conspiracy Theories

Campus Forum: March 19, 2018

Midterm Grade Petition: The Power of the Student Voice

Climbing Trip Packing List

An Aviation Student with her Head in the Clouds

Meet Our Professors: Bruce Howard, Chemistry

Weather Hazards

President's Podcast: Liberal Arts, Part 1

Hair and Makeup Artist Designs the Abstract Look of the Underworld

2018 Utah Legislative Session: Adjourn Sine Die

President's Podcast: Project-Based Learning

Backpacking - Plan Ahead and Prepare

Pizza and Politics- Legalizing Marijuana

Meet Our Professors: Kelly Goonan, Outdoor Recreation

Pizza and Politics- Reconciling LGBTQ+ Rights and Religious Freedom

Pizza and Politics- Money in College Sports

2018 Utah Legislative Session: The Final Days

Leave No Trace Principles

Agriculture Student Plants The Seeds Of Success

Hiking Packing List

Student Travels Abroad to London

President's Podcast: Storytelling

What Does It Mean to be a T-Bird?

2018 Utah Legislative Session: 9 Working Days Left

Pizza & Politics - Sex Education

Meet Our Professors: Lisa Arter, English

The Films That Impacted Me The Most This Year

Fashion Designer’s Legacy Gives Students New Opportunities

2018 Utah Legislative Session: Week Four

Meet Our Professors: John Meisner, Education

SUU Nursing Student Finds Ways To Help

Off-Road Checklist

Pizza & Politics - DACA

Digital Wallets, Real Philanthropy

Car Camping

President's Podcast: Restoring Confidence in Government

2018 Utah Legislative Session: Week Three Recap

Meet Our Professors: David Berri, Economics

A Brief History of the Olympic Winter Games

President's Podcast: Olympic History

2018 Utah Legislative Session: Bright Futures

The Next Wave of Outdoor Enthusiasts

Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Angela Pool-Funai, Political Science & Public Administration

A Presentation to the Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee

Canyoneering Packing List

What You Need To File Your Taxes

Black History Month at SUU

Mountain Biking Checklist

5 Reasons Why You Should Study Geology

Student Facilitates Internship Opportunities for Peers

Awards Season at SUU

President's Podcast: Text Book Costs & Open Texts

2018 Utah Legislative Session: Week One is Done

Faculty Friday: Meet SheriDawn Neilson, Nursing

What You Don't Know About the Super Bowl

Pizza & Politics - Net Neutrality

SUU Opens Capitol Reef Field Station

The 2018 Legislative Session Starts Today and It Starts Fast!

President's Podcast: Diversity

Donna Law Takes on the 2018 Utah Legislative Session

Music Education Major Hopes to Inspire His Future Students

2018: What's Next in Washington?

Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Kholoud Al-Qubbaj, Humanities

Top 3 Reasons To Go Greek

President's Podcast: Jumpstart Retention

SUU Student Helps Researchers Look For Epilepsy Cure

Meet Carrie Bucklin, Biology

Interim Director of the Utah Summer Games

Student Educates Others Through Music

4 Tips to Becoming a German Major

Math Student Selected for Prestigious Astrophysics Fellowship

President's Podcast: Jumpstart

Eric Kirby Presents The Tavi Way to the Nation

Pizza and Politics- Size of Government

America's Fascination with Superheroes

The Advantages of Attending College

President's Podcast: General Education

Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Richard Saunders, Library

Easy DIY Fringed Flannel Blanket or Scarf

Easy DIY Cement Planter

Last Minute DIY Christmas Gifts

Easy DIY Shirt Design

Pizza & Politics- Mass Incarceration

Engineering Student Optimizes Coal Plant Production Process

SUU Professor Selected to Design Ornaments for National Christmas Tree

Thunderbird Athletics Kicks Off Week Of Giving

Good Luck With Finals!

Kali McKenzie: Wilderness Ranger

Chief Diversity Officer Dr. Schvalla Rivera

7 Student Loan Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The Future of Utah’s National Monuments

University Students Discuss Bears Ears, Grand Staircase Monument National Debate

New Dean Announced for School of Business

Pizza & Politics- Disability Awareness

Understanding the Significance of Cedar City's LDS Temple

President's Podcast: Tuition

Engineering Student Conducts Prestigious Space Research

Student Shark Tank Champion

Making a Difference This Holiday Season

Enjoy a Festival Christmas at the Frontier Homestead State Park Museum

A Summer In Zion

Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Lee Montgomery, Education

Why SUU is the Place for Student Entrepreneurs

Potential Health Concern

The Rules of Friendsgiving

Earning an Education on the Sidelines

President's Podcast: NCAA

3 Reasons You Can't Resist Black Friday Deals

4 Tips to Maintain Your Health While in College

Faculty Friday; Meet Ben Kirkby, Graphic Design

Pizza & Politics - The Cost of Free College

How to Protect Yourself Against Social Engineering

6 Reasons to Study Pre-Med at SUU

Help Your Student Register for Classes

Registration Tips for SUU Freshmen

Pizza and Politics- Gun Laws

3 Reasons Why You Should Major In Interdisciplinary Studies

President's Podcast: ROI

Art and Design Students Gain Experience in Tennessee

Faculty Friday; Meet Kevin Stein, Communication

Cyber Safety: Shopping Online

Helping Veterans Succeed in the Classroom

SUU Alum Releases New Album

President's Podcast: Free Speech

Pizza and Politics- Free Speech

A Degree of Her Own

Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Ty Redd, Chemistry

The Centurium

Artista Completa Pintura de Historia Universitaria en Técnica China Tradicional

Higher Education Podcast Launched

Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Michael Kroff, Marketing

Student Helps SUU Honors You Program

Dominican Republic Service Trip

President’s Podcast: Rankings

Pizza & Politics - Culture Appropriation vs. Appreciation

School of Business Featured on Newsweek

Pizza & Politics - Health Care

Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Roger Gold, Biology

My Culture is Not a Costume

Who is Plato?

Who is Germaine de Stael?

Who is Marie Curie?

Amazon Teaches Computer Science Student First-Class Skills

Pizza & Politics - Freedom of Religion

University of the Parks Wins Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge

Student Leader Orchestrates Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge

Who is Galileo Galilei?

Faculty Friday; Meet Jacob Manning, Outdoor Recreation

SUU’s Graduate & Online School Announces the Opening of Studio97

7 Reasons Why You Should Major in Computer Science and Information Systems

Three Consecutive Years of Growth at SUU

STEAM Festival Involves Students in Experiential Learning

SUU Creates a New Customizable Masters Degree

Who is Leonardo Da Vinci?

Who is Aristotle?

Future Teacher Creates Art Workshops for Children

9 Ways to Support Your College Student

Who is John Stuart Mill?

The Founding of Southern Utah University

Acclaimed News Anchor Maria Hinojosa to Speak at SUU

Pizza & Politics- The Opioid Epidemic

Update on the Las Vegas Tragedy, Vigil, and Blood Drive

SUU Student Chosen to Attend Exclusive Cyber Security Camp

Great Date Ideas for Utah’s Great Outdoors

Cómo Prevenir a la Nostalgia en la Universidad

From Homeless to Top Researcher

How to Help Homesickness in College

1st Annual Southwest Astronomy Festival

Faculty Friday; Meet Peter Sham, Theatre Arts & Dance

Equifax Apology

Helen Foster Snow

Outdoor Nation FAQ

Student Finds Her Passion From Anthropology to Graphic Design

SUU Seeks Funding for New Childcare and Preschool

How You Can Protect Yourself From the Equifax Data Breach

Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Qingping Liu, Chinese

University of the Parks Competes in Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge

Pre-Physical Therapy Student Leads Initiative to Fight Parkinson’s Disease

12 Years Ranked as Best in the West

7 Things To Know About Hospitality Management

How to Make a College Budget

Easy Pizza Waffles on the Go

Faculty Friday; Dr. Adam Lambert, Music

Who is Isaac Newton?

Easy Chili Fry Bread

Who is Thomas Jefferson?

SUU Trademarks “University of the Parks”

DACA Controversy

Taking Ballroom Dance to the Next Level

Faculty Friday; Meet Jennifer Burt, Communication

Who is Albert Einstein?

¿Quién es Sharwan Smith?

President's Welcome Back Assembly 2017

Who is Sharwan Smith?

Student Represents the United States in Japan Cosplay Competition

4 Ways the SUU Career Center Can Help Local Businesses

Nación T-Bird: Una Universidad Basada en la Tradición

Transitioning from High School to College

T-Bird Nation: A University Built on Tradition

Physical Education and Human Performance Name Change

Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Scott Munro, Engineering

Who is Socrates?

Southern Utah University Art & Sculpture Stroll

The Great American Eclipse

4 Reasons Why You Should Major in Education

Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Tyler Stillman

11 Survival Tips for Psychology Majors

20 Ways to Personalize Your Dorm Room

Former Refugee Interns in Washington, D.C.

5 Reasons to Consider Becoming a Teacher

Easy Pizza Recipe You Can Make at Home

Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Janice Scarinci, Hotel, Resort, and Hospitality Management

9 Things You Should do Before You Arrive at College

350 Students Participate in SUU Study Abroad Programs in 2017

Online Masters of Accountancy Once Again Ranked Top in Nation

Who is William Shakespeare?

SUU Student Composer Making Stage Production Dreams Come True

4 Reasons to Major in Marketing

A Student’s Guide to Majoring in Business

Parking at SUU

Un Pionera Cuya Historia se Mantiene Alta

Study Abroad Prepares Students for Life

6 Tips to Avoid the Freshman 15

Write Out: A Summer Writing Camp for Teens

A Pioneer Whose Story Stands Tall

Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Lynn White, Psychology

Cómo hacer un Presupuesto Universitario

U.S. Cyber Challenge Trains Students and Professionals

Leavitt Center Announces New Director

Quick-fix BBQ Foil Dinner for College Students

Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Lynn Vartan

SUU Library Welcomes Arrival of National Archive for Experiential Learning

9 Maneras Para Apoyar a tu Estudiante Universitario

Why You Should Pay Attention to Pop Culture Messages

161 Must-Watch Movies

Student Finds Passion in Choreography

Professor Brings the Deming Institute to SUU

Cheap Vegetarian Recipe

On-Campus Jobs at Southern Utah University

Jobs in Cedar City, Utah

Internships in Cedar City, Utah

Sending Your Kid to College Checklist

Faculty Friday; Meet Professor Karen Houser, Education

Lista de Verificación de Seguridad del Plantel para los Padres

Campus Safety Checklist for Parents

Tips for Working in the Summer Heat

Figuring Out the FAFSA

Orientación para los Padres y la Familia

Parent and Family Orientation

Easy Healthy Dinner Recipe

Prevent Wildfires: What Can You Do?

Summer Study in India Offers Lessons in Humility

23 Things to Do in Cedar City this Summer

Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Julia Combs, English

Checklist for Parents of New SUU Students

Lista de Verificación Para los Padres de un Estudiante Nuevo en SUU

5 Consejos Para la FAFSA

5 Tips for Parents and the FAFSA

6 Benefits of Getting Internships in High School

Future Therapist Learns About Culture Awareness in Spain

College Class Survival 101

Easy Recipe for College Students

Preguntas Sobre Ayuda Financiera

Faculty Friday; Meet Artis Grady, Nutrition

11 Books For Your Summer Reading List

¿Qué es Necesidad Financiera?

Student Discovers Global Perspective in Nicaragua

Fatherly Advice from Viral Dad Ben Sowards

¿Qué es la Contribución de la Familia Esperada?

Artist Completes Painting of University History in Traditional Chinese Technique

Top 10 Hikes in Southern Utah

Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Kelly Goonan; Outdoor Recreation in Parks and Tourism

Intercollegiate Pickleball Tournament Makes History

Ayuda Basada en la Necesidad vs Ayuda Basada en el Mérito

Robots and Creativity Collide in K-12 Educator Workshop

26 Términos a Aprender Antes de ir a la Universidad

Faculty Friday; Meet Johnny MacLean, Geology

Preguntas de Trabajo-Estudio

A Mother of Four Helps Make SUU Childcare Facilities a Reality

Southern Utah University Housing

Cedar City Apartments for College Students

SUU Off-campus Housing Finder

Off-campus Housing Options

¿Qué es un Préstamo Estudiantil?

SUU to Law Firm

Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Rosa Perez

¿Qué son las Subvenciones?

¿Qué es FAFSA?

Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Kyle Bishop, Honors & English Professor

SUU to Leading Cancer Research

¿Qué es la Ayuda Financiera?

SUU to Oakland Raider

Utah Shakespeare Festival Names Frank Mack as New Executive Producer

SUU to Elementary Education

¿Qué es la prueba ACCUPLACER y cómo se utiliza?

SUU Student Embarks on a Roaming Adventure

Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Cecily Heiner, Computer Science

¿Qué es FERPA?

SUU to Utah’s Capitol

¿Qué es ACT Aspire?

9 Cosas Que Debes Hacer Antes de Llegar a la Universidad

Business Education takes Wedding Photographer to Wondrous Destinations

Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Kevan Jacobson, Criminal Justice

Top 10 Climbing Spots in Southern Utah

¿Qué es una Transcripción Universitaria?

Southern Utah Girls get Hands-on Experience at SheTech

Phenix of the Forest: A Student’s Experience in Parks Interpretation

Matrícula y Cuotas Estudiantiles

Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Carl Templin, Business

Preguntas Sobre Horas de Crédito

2017 College of Humanities and Social Sciences Valedictorian

2017 College of Science and Engineering Valedictorian

Illustration Student Displays Work in SUMA Exhibit

2017 Graduate and Online School Valedictorian

A Look at SUU's 2017 Student Commencement Speaker

6 Reasons to Leap Into a Dance Program

2017 College of Education and Human Development Co-Valedictorian

2017 College of Education and Human Development Co-Valedictorian

4 Reasons Why You Should Major in Communication

2017 College of Performing and Visual Arts Valedictorian

2017 School of Business Valedictorian

SUU to Vocal Performer

¿Cuánto Tiempo Dura un Semestre?

Bob Schieffer, Commencement Speaker

Bob Schieffer, Pieces of Advice to Graduates

Bob Schieffer, Questions About Politics

Bob Schieffer, Questions About His Life

Las Universidades en Utah

17 Tips From the Class of 2017

SUU Earns Voter Friendly Campus Designation

SUU Professor Goes Viral

Graduating Student Develops Innovative Bird Book

SUU to Professional Ultra Running

Faculty Friday; Meet Kay Andersen, Dance

¿Qué es el ACT y Cuándo Deben los Estudiantes Tomarlo?

¿Cómo se Toman las Decisiones sobre Admisiones y Becas?

Focus on Small, Achievable Goals

Finals Survival 101

SUU to Entrepreneur

SUU to Paleoecologist

Preguntas sobre el SAT

Faculty Friday; Meet Donna Lister, Nursing

Student Represents Utah in National Farm Bureau Competition

Ranger Iradukunda: Moving Beyond War for a Brighter Tomorrow

“Lentil Queen” takes on One-Woman Show

El Centro de Inventario y Evaluación de Carrera

What to Wear: Professional Closet

¿Qué son las clases AP (Colocación Avanzada)?

A Backstage Look at Being a Theatre Major

How to Get Scholarships

Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Kris Phillips, Philosophy

19 Things to Do/Places to See this Spring


Katelyn Yoakum, 2017 Valedictorian and Goldman Sachs Financial Analyst

International Student Follows Artistic Passion

Balancing Gymnastics and Nursing, a Delicate Endeavor

7 Tips for Transfer Students

Cedar Sports Competes in Utah Entrepreneur Challenge

SUU to Huntsman Cancer Foundation

SUU Offers New Programs for Highest Employment Growth

Enrollment Growth at SUU

Los Títulos de Postgrados en SUU

Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Josh Price, Economics

New Location for SUU Outdoors

Meet Our Professors: Russell Wrankle, Art and Design

SUU Holds Tier 2 Tuition Steady

Child Care Facility Becomes a Reality

Rural Health Scholars College Students Serve Over Spring Break

Alternative Spring Break; Student Participates in Urban Health Issues

Meet Our Professors: Andrew Marvick, Art and Design

Preguntas sobre Licenciatura

Professor Launches New Book

Lecturer Publishes Youth Fantasy Novel

Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Tony Pellegrini, Elementary Education

Online Master of Accountancy Program Ranked Third in the Nation

Campus Forum: March 22, 2017

Professor Receives Award to Fund Water Conservation Research

¿Qué es la Educación Superior?

SUU to Host Innovative Media Boot Camp

Bread & Soup Nite Offers Transcendent Student Benefits

¿Cuáles son los Beneficios de un Título de Asociado?

SUU Celebrates 120 Years

Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. David Tufte, Economics

Provost's Response to Salt Lake Tribune Article

Letter to the Salt Lake Tribune Concerning Fall to Spring Enrollment Numbers

¿Qué es un Colegio de Tecnología Aplicada?

Master’s Student Creates Hands-on Communication Boot-Camp

SUU to Pediatric Anesthesiology

¿Qué es un Asociado en Ciencias Aplicadas? (A.A.S.)

Faculty Friday; Meet Rachel Bishop, Arts Administration

Cheap Spring Break Ideas

10 Tips for Working with Your College Advisor

¿Qué es una Universidad?

SUU Boosts Aviation Program with Purchase of Ten New Planes

Meet Our Professors: Ben Sowards, Illustration

SUU to International Ambassador

Business Student Develops Mobile Gaming Company

¿Qué es un Certificado?

Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Camille Thomas, Physical Education

Stay Focused Your Last Semester, It Counts!

¿Qué es un Colegio Comunitario?

Meet Our Professors: Thomas Herb, Music

SUU Student Participates in Resounding Performance of Culture

Founders Hall, New Housing at SUU

Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Dave Lunt, History

5 Reasons to Get Involved at College

Student Entrepreneur Creates Textbook BuyBack Program

Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Bruce Howard, Chemistry

SUU Professor Named Utah Art Educator of the Year

Bridge Program Offers Fast Track to Graduate Degree

Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts: Show Your Love T-Bird-Style

Art Student Showcases Work in Professional Museum

Conservation You Can Taste: Restoring Biodiversity to the Farm and Table

Outdoor Internship Program Celebrates 10 Years

SUU Employee Fitness Program Earns National Gold Award

Consider a Thrill: Top 5 Adventure Dates for Valentine’s Day

Faculty Friday; Meet Melinda Vaughn, Theatre

School of Business Offers Free Tax Assistance to Community

Beyond the Wall: The Border as Spectacle and Performance

Bob Schieffer Slated for Commencement

5 Benefits of Summer Classes

Student Leader Engages Fraternity to Help Fight Cancer

SUU to Equity Actor

Meet Our Professors: Dean Winward, Agriculture

Southern Utah University’s Continued Commitment to Being a Global Campus

SUU to Host International Film Festival

Black History Month

Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Matt Barton, Communication

Utah Leaders in Education Join SUU to Prepare Teachers

Un-Selfies: The Dissolution of Identity in 20th & 21st Century Art

Exchange student takes on study abroad

5 Reasons Why You Should be an Art History Major

10 Hot Springs Near Cedar City

Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Matthew Weeg, Biology

Choose to Stop Procrastinating Today

Employee Campus Forum: January 23, 2017

Marketing, Event Planning and Leadership Develop Student Talents

Meet Our Professors: Artis Grady, Nutrition

Women and Gender Studies Program Raises Awareness

Faculty Friday; Meet Garrett Strosser, Psychology

Student Meets Olympic Idol While Furthering Education

Southern Utah University Earns National Recognition as College of Distinction

Nursing Student Excels in Mayo Clinic Internship

Photography Pushes Miss SUU to New Heights

Why Choose SUU - Meet President Wyatt

Researching Giant Pandas, a Student’s Journey in China

Meet Our Professors: Andrew Misseldine, Mathematics

7 Best: Cross Country Skiing and Snowshoeing Spots in Southern Utah

Winter Safety Tips for the SUU Campus

19 Instagram-Worthy Spots in Southern Utah

A Global Partnership: SUU to China

2017 New Year’s Resolutions for College Students

Student Empowers Others Through Volunteer Work

Meet Our Professors: Ali Siahpush, Engineering

Faculty Friday; Meet Lawrence Johnson, Music

Faculty Friday; Meet Abigail Larson, Physical Education

Alumni Expand Outdoor Opportunities in Cedar City

SUU to NYC Advertising

Intercultural Communications Service Learning Project

Meet Our Professors: Shalini Kesar, Computer Science and Information Systems

The Top 3 Christmas Light Displays in Cedar City

Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Jacqualine Grant, Biology

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Underwater Photography; A Blending of Two Passions

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7 Pasos Para Graduar con un Énfasis en el Español

7 Steps to Graduate with a Spanish Degree

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Volunteering in China, a Life Changing Destination

Student Takes on More Than Traveling Abroad

Teaching About Early Republic Print Culture with Hamilton

Join the President’s Book Club

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From SUU Fanatic to SUUSA President

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Engineering Student Builds 3D House for Community Member

3 Simple Ways to Give Thanks All Year

Meteorites and Rockets Broaden Space Education

International Student with a Passion for Leadership

SUU President Visits High Schools for College Application Month

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10 Scientific Guidelines for Majoring in Chemistry

3 Reasons to be an Art Education Major

Ancient Text Takes Student Abroad

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International Affairs Helps Develop Student Leaders

SUU Launches Care and Support Team: CAST

A Letter from President Wyatt; 2016 Election Results

Faculty Friday: Meet Dr. Jason Kaiser, Geology

Supporting Our Veterans

Why You Should Vote

Presidential Candidate Evan McMullin and Running Mate Mindy Finn Visit SUU

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Charlene Albarran Visits SUU

Increasing STEM Diversity, SUU Professor to Lead Research Team

4 Advantages for Completing an Honors Program

Choose the Right Major

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10 Pointers for Biology Majors

Utah Governor Gary Herbert Speaks to Students

200 Years of Frankenstein

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SUU Welcomes New Dedicated Psychologist

DIY Halloween Costumes

Hamilton's America: A Historian's Perspective

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New Location for CAPS Provides More Privacy

How to Tell if a Politician is Lying

Tweets of Love

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Local Musician Makes Career Strides With Communication Degree

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Living on a Student Budget

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Misty K Snow Networking Event at SUU

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100 Best College Buys in America

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20 Strides Made by SUU in the 2015-16 School Year

Debate Battle: 5 Strategies Politicians Use

Get Help. Give Help. Save a Life.

The White House Recognizes SUU and North Elementary for Integrating Computer Science Curriculum into the Classroom

SUU is “Best in the West” According to Princeton Review

R. Scott Phillips, Long-Time Festival Leader, Announces Retirement

SUU Partners with Great Basin National Park to Preserve the Dark Skies

Advice for Incoming Freshmen

7 Tips to Surviving the Engineering Program at SUU

11 Ways to Make Living On-Campus Easier

Partners in the Parks: 10 Years of Engaging Honors Students in the Outdoors

Our SUU Summer

Naked Athletes, 5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Ancient Olympics

SUU to Olympic Doctoring

University-Wide Field Trip Celebrates the National Park Service Centennial

Building Community Through Arts: Beverley Center for the Arts Opening Celebration

Will the Olympic Women's Basketball Team Suffer for Replacing Candace Parker?

SUU Students Rank in Top Ten at the PBL National Leadership Conference

Welcome to the Home of the SUU Thunderbirds

Explore 5 More: Grand Staircase - Escalante National Monument

Mentoring Future Business Leaders Through a New Entrepreneurship Center

SUU Welcomes the Tour of Utah

Explore Five More: Grand Canyon North Rim

SUU Hosts Global Youth Camps

Introducing SUU Men's Basketball Coach Todd Simon

5 Reasons Why SUU is the Place to Play Pokémon Go

SUU Mourns the Loss of Former President Gerald R. Sherratt

SUU to Olympics

SUU In the News: Beverley Center Opening

Renting to SUU Students

Online Graduate Studies: A Perfect Fit for the Working Professional

The HOPE Pantry

26 Terms to Learn Before You Go to College

Post-secondary Degrees

What is FERPA?

Tuition and Student Fees

What is a Transcript?

How Long is a Semester?

Graduate Degrees at SUU

SUU is Utah's First Purple Heart Campus

What is Higher Education?

Questions about the SAT

SUU Maintains AACSB International Business Accreditation

What is a University?

Financial Aid Questions

Governor Herbert Visits New Beverley Taylor Sorenson Center for the Arts

Explore 5 More: Great Basin National Park

A Seat of Power: Wallace F. Bennett's Senate Chair

Larry H. Miller to Sponsor Utah Summer Games

Percussion Professor Becomes First American to Create Signature Mallets

SUU In the News: Summer 2016

What is Financial Aid?

What is the FAFSA?

What is Financial Need?

What is Expected Family Contribution?

Need-based Aid vs Merit-based Aid

Scholarship Questions

What is a student loan?

Work Study Questions

What are grants?

Direct Stafford Loans

First-Generation College Students Excel with TRIO Program

4 Crucial Conversations to Have with Your Kids Before College

Questions about Credit Hours

What is a Community College?

Questions about Concurrent Enrollment

What is a Certificate?

Career Assessment Inventory & Career Center

Questions about Bachelor's Degrees

What are the Benefits of an Associate Degree?

What is an Applied Technology College?

What is an Associate in Applied Science? (A.A.S.)

Chris Pogue of Nuix Enriches SUU's Online Cyber Security Master Program

Explore Five More: Bryce Canyon National Park

DECA International Champion: Lindsay Joyner

Explore Five More: Zion National Park

SUU In the News: NFL and Graduation

16 Grad Caps from the Class of 2016

From SUU to the NFL

2016 SUU Graduation Student Speaker Andie Szekely

Tennessee Titans Draft SUU’s Sims in 5th Round

Detroit Lions Draft SUU’s Killebrew in 4th Round

Miles Killebrew: 2016 NFL Draft

LeShaun Sims: 2016 NFL Draft

James Cowser: 2016 NFL Draft

New Scholarship Opportunities for SUU Nursing Program

Class of 2016 Information

2016 SUU Graduation Speech Finalist Kelli Griffin

2016 SUU Graduation Speech Finalist Katie Barnes

2016 SUU Graduation Speech Finalist Porter Sproul

Good Luck With Finals!

SUU 2016 College of Science and Engineering Valedictorian

SUU 2016 College of Performing and Visual Arts Valedictorian

SUU 2016 College of Humanities and Social Sciences Valedictorian

SUU 2016 College of Education and Human Development Valedictorian

SUU 2016 School of Business Valedictorian

Who is the 2016 SUU Valedictorian? 

Creating a safe space: SUU administration makes LGBTQ inclusion a priority

SUU Rodeo Team Rides to Victory: Rocky Mountain Region Champions

Opening Celebration for the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Center for the Arts

Who is the 2016 SUU Graduation Speaker?

Girl Power: STEM Gender Diversity Increases in Southern Utah

SUU Partners with Top Cyber Security Professionals

Where are all the Colleges in Utah?

Colleges in Utah

Colleges in Utah: Things to Consider

Division 1 Colleges in Utah

SUU Launches Music Technology Master's Degree

SUU In the News: Spring 2016

What are AP (Advanced Placement) Classes?

What is ACT Aspire?

What is the ACT and When Should Students Take It?

What is the ACCUPLACER Test and how is it used?

Choosing the Right College in Utah for You

SUU Professors Do More Than Teach: Faculty Books and Publications

How are Admissions & Scholarship Decisions Made?

National Leader in Experiential Learning

The Ladies League: Turning a Passion for Sports into a Website

Utah Legislature Approves Funding for New Business Building

Last Minute Spring Break Ideas

Who is President Scott L Wyatt?

ICYMI: Great Facts About SUU

The Making of a Coach: Demario Warren's Journey

SUU NFL Draft Updates [Updated 3/9/16]

Arbor Day Foundation Honors SUU with 2015 Tree Campus USA® Recognition

Public Colleges in Utah

Cedar City is the Gateway to the Parks

SUU Files Trademark for University of the Parks

8 Thrill-Seeking Date Ideas

SUU Awarded Mockingbird Foundation Grant

6 Ways College Has Change Since You Attended

SUU Announces Semester in the Parks Program

10 New Year's Resolutions for College Students

SUU Fights Cyber Crime with New Graduate Degree

Solar Homes: Students Engineering the Future

How to Decorate Like a Pro

Holiday DIY With the Kids

SUU to the White House

SUU Football Claims Big Sky Championship

SUU to World Series

Theatre and Football: Q&A with the Cowser Family

Celebrate the National Park Service Centennial through the Regional Partnership Parks100

Jazz Lottery Picks Not Producing

Haunted Happenings at SUU

3 Reasons to Embrace the Pumpkin

SUU to Monumental Dentistry

SUU to Broadway Dancing

SUU to Military Journalism

SUU Declared Most Outdoorsy School in the Nation

SUU Awarded as a Confucius Institute

SUU Wins National Experiential Learning Award

SUU Alumnus Nominated for Joseph Jefferson Award

Rx for Spain and SUU: Student Studies Medicine Abroad

SUU Alumnus: Founder of The Pizza Cart in Cedar City


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