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ICYMI: Great Facts About SUU

In case you missed it.... SUU is an awesome place to be.  Here are all the need-to-know facts about SUU. 

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The Making of a Coach: Demario Warren's Journey

By Southern Utah University on February 24, 2016

in Athletics

The idea of coaching first came to him while driving past red rocks and cacti. Demario Warren was a running back for UC Davis and had just finished a game against Southern Utah University; on the drive back to California, his coach said, “I think you’re going to be a great coach one day, Warren, so if there’s ever an opportunity, I want you to take it.”

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SUU NFL Draft Updates [Updated 3/9/16]

Excitement has been swirling around the T-Bird Nation with three SUU football players gaining attention by NFL scounts. James Cowser, LeShaun Sims, and Miles Killebrew have each been invited to the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, making it the largest group from SUU to recieve an invitation. This post serves as the collection of all the news coverage each of the players have been receiving. It will be continiously updated so be sure to check back for more news

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Arbor Day Foundation Honors SUU with 2015 Tree Campus USA® Recognition

By Southern Utah University on February 22, 2016

in Campus Resources, Outdoors

Southern Utah University was recently honored with the 2015 Tree Campus USA® recognition by the Arbor Day Foundation for its commitment to effective urban forest management. 

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Public Colleges in Utah

By Southern Utah University on February 19, 2016

in Student Experience


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Cedar City is the Gateway to the Parks

By Southern Utah University on February 19, 2016

in Cedar City, Outdoors

As we celebrate the first 100 years of the National Park Service, enjoy a look back at the vital role Cedar City, the Union Pacific Railroad and the Utah Parks Company played in the early years of the first established national parks and how these organizations built the foundations for visitors to enjoy the parks both then and now.

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SUU Files Trademark for University of the Parks

Southern Utah University is a dynamic teaching and learning community where students and staff immerse themselves in—and are inspired by—the diverse and stunning natural landscape that surrounds the campus. Opportunity to harness and integrate its unique geographic location into the SUU educational experience is around every bend, and to highlight its unique location, SUU has filed to trademark the title of  “University of the Parks.”

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8 Thrill-Seeking Date Ideas

We may mock the elaborate, death-defying dates that are seen in Hollywood movies, but as it turns out there's actually something scientific to those over-the-top, thrilling adventures. According to Dr. Matthew Weeg, assistant professor of biology at Southern Utah University, dates that include adrenaline-pumping adventures over the traditional dinner and a movie, can create faster love connections.

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SUU Awarded Mockingbird Foundation Grant

Southern Utah University’s Preschool and Teacher Education Program received a grant for new musical instruments from the Mockingbird Foundation, an all-volunteer nonprofit funded and run entirely by fans of the rock band, Phish.

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6 Ways College Has Change Since You Attended

By Southern Utah University on February 02, 2016

in Parents

If you attended college in the 80s or 90s, there is a good chance, if it hasn't happened already, that you will soon have a child entering the world of collegiate academia. Chances are, you are wishing you'd held on to your old pair of Doc Marten boots instead of that box of floppy discs, because while fashion has come full circle, technology has not.

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