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Volunteering in China, a Life Changing Destination

Taylor Shepherd was raised in the small town of Salina, UT, where he found joy performing on stage. That passion brought Taylor to Southern Utah University.

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Student Takes on More Than Traveling Abroad

When Southern Utah University’s Grace Schulz, a junior communication major from Oakley, Utah, came to SUU, she quickly realized studying abroad would become a part of her college experience.

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Teaching About Early Republic Print Culture with Hamilton

 The following is a blog post by Michelle Orihel, assistant professor of early American History at Southern Utah University. Last spring, I blogged about how I used the song “Farmer Refuted” from Hamilton: An American Musical to teach about the pamphlet wars of the American Revolution.[1] But, that’s not the only song about pamphlets in the musical. There’s also “The Reynolds Pamphlet,” named after the sensational tract published in 1797 in which Alexander Hamilton

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Join the President’s Book Club

By Naomi Wyatt Avid readers and literary junkies should consider joining the new President’s Book Club. For people interested in participating in a book club, having lively discussions, need book recommendations or who simply want to become more involved at SUU, the President’s Book Club might be a perfect fit.

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Meet Our Professors: Cameron Pace, Astronomy & Physics

Dr. Cameron Pace built his first telescope in high school and then continued his astronomical studies to construct a robotic telescope while in college. Now at SUU, Dr. Pace is able to share his knowledge and expertise of astronomy with his students in the classroom and at the Ashcroft Observatory.

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From SUU Fanatic to SUUSA President

Written by Emma Pay and Samantha Burfiend SUUSA Student Body President Tyler Cornia, a senior business major from South Jordan, UT, eats, sleeps and breathes all things SUU. And in a crowd of screaming student fans, Tyler can be heard above all.

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Faculty Friday; Meet Megan Brunsvold, Dance

Megan Brunsvold has been teaching, choreographing, and performing throughout the country for the past seventeen years. Now, Brunsvold has taken her talents to Southern Utah University to be an assistant professor of dance in the Department of Theater Arts and Dance. Her experience and talents have landed her this position where she is able to work with students day in and day out, making art through the form of dance.

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Engineering Student Builds 3D House for Community Member

Building a 3D model of a house sounds like something you’d only see on a HGTV show or find in an architect’s office. Yet this software and know-how is used at Southern Utah University in the Engineering Technology Program to educate students every day and, in Dustin Gale’s case, to help a fellow community member in need.

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3 Simple Ways to Give Thanks All Year

The secret to happiness has been found! The key is to give thanks. It’s simple, easy and can make a lasting impact on your life. So before you bring out the turkey and stuffing this Thanksgiving, take a look at how gratitude can affect your happiness year round.

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Meteorites and Rockets Broaden Space Education

The Engineering and Technology Department at Southern Utah University, in coordination with professionals at Utah State University, have purchased two pieces of a meteorite through the NASA Utah Space Grant Consortium. The meteorites will be used in lab demonstrations and analysis, training for Iron County teachers and student recruitment to the SUU Engineering program.

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International Student with a Passion for Leadership

Written by Emma Pay, University Journal, and Samantha Burfiend Arnold Nyatanga, an exchange student from Zimbabwe, is a senior communication major at Southern Utah University who has become heavily involved with the university and community. During his time at SUU, Arnold has been the President of the SUU Black Student Union, brother of Sigma Chi and has held various positions within SUUSA before earning his present title as SUUSA Vice President of Activities.

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SUU President Visits High Schools for College Application Month

Utah Governor Gary Herbert declared November “Utah College Application Month”.  In support of the statewide initiative, Southern Utah University President Scott L Wyatt joined hundreds of high school students at Success Academy, Canyon View High School and Cedar High School over the past month to talk about the advantages of attending college.

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Meet Our Professors: Britton Mace, Psychology

Traveling to different parks and recording the sound and how it affects people in these different environments is just some of what Dr. Britt Mace can share with his students here at SUU. Dr. Mace is able to be a researcher as well as a teacher of enviornmental psychology, which he loves because it combines multiple disciplines together. 

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Faculty Friday; Meet Michiko Kobayashi, Education

Dr. Michiko Kobayashi is an associate professor of education at Southern Utah University. Her specializations include distance education, technology integration in the classroom, second language acquisition, and multicultural education. In addition to face-to-face instruction, she also investigates innovative course designs to maximize student learning in online classrooms.

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10 Scientific Guidelines for Majoring in Chemistry

Chemistry is an active discipline vital to human existence and essential to the understanding of industrial, economic, medical, biological and environmental issues. The SUU chemistry division is committed to instilling an understanding of chemistry and its relevance through quality teaching, scholarly activities and service. In a world that is becoming increasingly more technical and complex, having chemical knowledge is a must if one is to traverse his/her own unique

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3 Reasons to be an Art Education Major

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Secondary Art Education is a professional degree that focuses on studio work in art and design, art history, critical thinking and effective instructional methods. This degree enables students to develop a basis for art education that is informed by an understanding of various media, the elements and principles of art, historical and cultural art contexts and effective teaching practices. The BFA is fundamentally different from a BA or

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Ancient Text Takes Student Abroad

Matthew Smith is a Southern Utah University student from Rochester, New York. He is studying three subjects: history, sociology, and Greek. Last summer, he completed his EDGE project by conducting paleographic research on the works of Procopius of Caesarea in Europe.

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Meet Our Professors: Kevin Tipton, Nursing

Dr. Kevin Tipton has been a nurse in many different situations throughout his life. He now chooses to share his knowledge and passion for this subject with students at SUU as well as still work as a nurse part-time. He is able to be working as a nurse alongside students that he has taught in class here at SUU.

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International Affairs Helps Develop Student Leaders

Southern Utah University's Division of International Affairs fosters globally engaged communities by supporting the exchange of values, cultures, and ideas in an effort to advance a more just, empathic, and prosperous world. This year there are more than 500 international students from 50 different countries studying at SUU. One international student that has become highly involved with the University is Arnold Nyatanga, a senior communication major from Harare,

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SUU Launches Care and Support Team: CAST

Southern Utah University (SUU) recently launched the Care and Support Team (CAST).  Members of CAST are trained faculty and staff committed to creating an environment to support students struggling with emotional distress and mental health issues. The mission is to promote student resiliency by providing a visible network of support on campus for students who are experiencing isolation, sadness, fear, anxiety, or other forms of emotional distress.

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A Letter from President Wyatt; 2016 Election Results

By President Scott L Wyatt on November 11, 2016

in President's Corner

We elected a new president this week. He will be sworn into office as the 45th President of the United States of America in a short two months. And like the conclusion of every campaign in the past, some are celebrating while others feel disappointed or hurt. Although not the most contentious campaign in our country’s history, this one has been filled with exceptionally divisive and demeaning rhetoric. It is completely understandable that many feel worried and fearful

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Faculty Friday: Meet Dr. Jason Kaiser, Geology

Straight from earning his Ph.D. in 2014, Dr. Jason Kaiser came to Southern Utah University with a literal understanding of the world and how it works. As an Assistant Professor of Geology in the Department of Physical Science, Kaiser's classroom is rich and dynamic, incorporating his global research into the curriculum.

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Supporting Our Veterans

The Southern Utah University Veterans Resource and Support Center exists to retain and graduate veterans by delivering programs and services designed to support them as they pursue their educational goals leading to a productive and meaningful life.

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Why You Should Vote

By Cami Mathews on November 08, 2016

in Student Experience, Cedar City

November 8 is Election Day. Are you ready? Many voters nationwide are frustrated with the current political system, but the only way to change that is to exercise your constitutional right to vote.

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Presidential Candidate Evan McMullin and Running Mate Mindy Finn Visit SUU

Presidential candidate Evan McMullin, along with his running mate Mindy Finn, visited Southern Utah University on Thursday, November 3rd. The event was hosted by the Michael O. Leavitt Center for Politics and Public Service, which is a non-partisan center that works to disseminate political information to students, faculty, and the community.

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Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Ravi Roy, Public Administration

For Dr. Ravi Roy, teaching political science is a family business. His father taught the subject for over 50 years, instilling in him a love for American Government. Roy is an assistant professor of political science at Southern Utah University and serves as the W. Edwards Deming fellow in public affairs.

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Charlene Albarran Visits SUU

By Cami Mathews on November 02, 2016

in Student Experience, Campus Resources

Running as the Democratic nominee for Utah’s Second Congressional District, Charlene Albarran visited Southern Utah University on Tuesday, November 1st. She visited with students in the Student Center as well as with the Executive Council of the Michael O. Leavitt Center for Politics and Public Service throughout the day.

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Increasing STEM Diversity, SUU Professor to Lead Research Team

The National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded Dr. Carrie Bucklin, assistant professor of biology at Southern Utah University, and her two research partners a grant aimed to increase educational opportunities for minorities in STEM-related programs and fields.

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4 Advantages for Completing an Honors Program

By Abigail Wyatt on November 01, 2016

in Student Experience, Majors

Southern Utah University's Honors Program provides enrichment opportunities for exceptionally talented, creative, and academically committed students in a friendly, informal and interdisciplinary undergraduate experience. The program connects students with SUU's best faculty through small classes and participation in hand-on education. Students learn in a collaborative environment where their ideas and research matter.

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Choose the Right Major

By Southern Utah University on November 01, 2016

in Student Experience

When deciding to pursue a degree in higher education there are many decisions you must make. What school will you attend? Will you stay in-state or move out-of-state? How will you pay for college? What will you study? All these questions require thoughtful research and planning. Of all these decisions, choosing the right major could have the most lasting impact.

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