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23 Things to Do in Cedar City this Summer

The sun is shining, school is out and adventure awaits! Here are 21 things you can do in Cedar City during the summer.

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Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Julia Combs, English

“If you love your job, you will never work a day in your life” is a common saying proved true by Dr. Julia Combs. An Assistant English Professor and the Director of the SUU Writing Center, Combs loves her job and appreciates the opportunity to spend so much time with inspiring young people in her work.

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Checklist for Parents of New SUU Students

Southern Utah University’s Parent & Family Services aims to improve the overall quality of campus life for students by keeping parents and families informed about University services. They gathered useful information to help navigate students and their parents through their college experience. Here is their checklist of 18 things parents can check with their students to help them have a smooth transition into college.

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Lista de Verificación Para los Padres de un Estudiante Nuevo en SUU

By Abigail Wyatt on June 30, 2017

in Recursos en Español

Los Servicios para Padres y Familias de Southern Utah University tienen como objetivo mejorar la calidad general de la vida del campus para los estudiantes, al informar a los padres y las familias sobre los servicios universitarios. Ellos reunieron información útil para ayudar a navegar a los estudiantes y sus padres a través de su experiencia en la universidad.

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5 Consejos Para la FAFSA

By Abigail Wyatt on June 28, 2017

in Recursos en Español

Los Servicios para Padres y Familias de Southern Utah University tienen como objetivo mejorar la calidad general de la vidadel campus para los estudiantes, al informar a los padres y las familias sobre los servicios universitarios. Ellos crearon útil para ayudar a navegar a los estudiantes y sus padres a través de su experiencia en la universidad. Aquí hay 5 consejos para los padres acerca de cómo pueden ayudar a sus estudiantes con la FAFSA.

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5 Tips for the FAFSA

Southern Utah University’s Parent & Family Services aims to improve the overall quality of campus life for students by keeping parents and families informed about University services. They gathered useful information to help navigate students and their parents through their college experience. Here are their 5 tips for parents about how they can help their students with the FAFSA.

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6 Benefits of Getting Internships in High School

By Tessa Esplin on June 26, 2017

in Campus Resources, High School

In a recent study by and the consulting firm, Millennial Branding, 89 percent of companies surveyed said high school students with internship experience have a competitive advantage when applying for college-level internships and full-time jobs. An internship at a young age has a huge impact on future successes and can pave the way to your career.

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Future Therapist Learns About Culture Awareness in Spain

Taylor Morgan, from Irvine, California, is a junior majoring in psychology with emphasis in human services at Southern Utah University. In May, she traveled to Spain with the SUU Psychology department. The trip gave her an opportunity to see the world from a different point of view and to better understand cultural differences.

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College Class Survival 101

By Abigail Wyatt on June 26, 2017

in Students, Campus Resources

College can be stressful, especially when your to-do list fills with tasks like writing essays, studying for exams, working on group projects, and all the other exciting adult things you have to get done. Whether you’re starting your first semester, or you’re an experienced junior or senior, college classes can feel intimidating.

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Easy Recipe for College Students

By Abigail Wyatt on June 26, 2017

in Recipe

Looking for a meal that will impress your friends, help you fight the freshmen 15, and reassure your mother that you’re just fine living on your own? If so, keep reading. The Orzo Comfort Dish is a delicious, vegetarian meal that is both nutritious and won’t break the bank.

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Preguntas Sobre Ayuda Financiera

  Aquí están las respuestas rápidas a todas sus preguntas de ayuda financiera. Para obtener más información sobre cada tema, haga clic en la pregunta.

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Faculty Friday; Meet Artis Grady, Nutrition

By Lexi Carter on June 23, 2017

in Faculty Friday

Artis Grady is an associate professor of human nutrition at Southern Utah University and has been a registered dietitian since 1976. She received her bachelor’s degree in dietetics at Brigham Young University and a master’s in education at Utah State University.

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11 Books For Your Summer Reading List

By Abigail Wyatt on June 22, 2017

in Summer

Summer has arrived and without the stress of homework or exams to worry about, now is the perfect time to crack open a good book. So pack up your piles of textbooks and dust off the covers of that murder mystery you’ve been dying to read all year long. Whether you’re lounging on the beach, taking a road trip, or planning a staycation, bring along a good read so you can relax, have fun and start a new literary adventure.

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¿Qué es Necesidad Financiera?

Necesidad financiera es la diferencia entre el costo de asistencia y la contribución familiar esperada del estudiante.

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Student Discovers Global Perspective in Nicaragua

Andria Burdick believes it’s important to try new things. A few years ago, she never would’ve guessed she’d be hunting insects and arachnids, eating traditional Nicaraguan food and hiking a volcano in one day. She did all that and more during her recent study abroad experience in Nicaragua; a trip that has had a profound impact on her life already.

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New Interim Athletic Director

By Southern Utah University on June 20, 2017

in Athletics

Southern Utah University appointed Deborah Corum as interim athletic director following the departure of Jason Butikofer who will join Purdue University as the deputy athletic director on July 18. 

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Fatherly Advice from Viral Dad Ben Sowards

By Cami Mathews on June 17, 2017

in Faculty

After his heroic act turned viral, we wanted to follow up with the dad of 11 to ask his advice for fatherhood. Ben Sowards, assoicate professor of Illustration, has years of experience when it comes to being a dad.

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¿Qué es la Contribución de la Familia Esperada?

Contribución Familiar Esperada (EFC, por sus siglas en inglés) es un índice usado por la *oficina de ayuda financiera en Southern Utah University para determinar la cantidad de ayuda que usted es elegible para recibir. El EFC es calculado por el Departamento de Educación sobre la base de la información presentada a través de la FAFSA. El cálculo se hace de acuerdo con la fórmula establecida por la ley.

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Artist Completes Painting of University History in Traditional Chinese Technique

By Cami Mathews on June 16, 2017

in Faculty, History

As a visiting professor and guest artist from Renmin University of Beijing, China, Yidan Guo enjoys teaching students and working alongside her colleagues in the Southern Utah University Art and Design department. Guo’s latest project includes the portrayal of SUU history using Chinese watercolor.

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Top 10 Hikes in Southern Utah

By Phenix Johnson on June 15, 2017

in Summer, Outdoors

While the thought of southern Utah conjures up images of red rock, cowboys, and cattle in many visitor’s minds, those of us who are lucky enough to live in the area know that the wide variety of landscapes is what makes this the outdoor enthusiast's playground.  A short hour drive south of Cedar City can take travelers to the smoldering red rock and slot canyon mazes, or if a visitor takes the opposite direction, one can find themselves atop a 11,000 ft peak surrounded

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Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Kelly Goonan; Outdoor Recreation in Parks and Tourism

Dr. Kelly Goonan developed a passion for the outdoors while working at summer camp in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. For ten summers during her high school and college years, she worked at the Boy Scout camp, Sabattis Scout Reservation. Her duties included teaching outdoor skills such as swimming, snorkeling and lifeguard certification and taking scouts on wilderness trips.

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Intercollegiate Pickleball Tournament Makes History

This spring, Southern Utah University hosted the first recorded intercollegiate pickleball tournament in the United States. Students from SUU competed against a Dixie State team in 60 intense pickleball matches. SUU came out victorious and is the first winner of the Western Collegiate Team Pickleball Tournament (WCTP).

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Ayuda Basada en la Necesidad vs Ayuda Basada en el Mérito

  ¿Qué es la ayuda basada en la necesidad? La ayuda basada en la necesidad se determina únicamente en función de la necesidad económica del estudiante. Factores como los resultados de los exámenes o la capacidad atlética no tienen relación con ninguna ayuda designada basada en la necesidad. La mayoría de las fuentes de ayuda financiera que proporcionan el gobierno están basadas en la necesidad.

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Robots and Creativity Collide in K-12 Educator Workshop

Southern Utah University’s artsFUSION program increases the quality and quantity of arts educational experiences for children in southern Utah. Offering training for educators throughout the year, the program’s next workshop for K-12 educators, Arts and Bots, runs June 15-16 from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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26 Términos a Aprender Antes de ir a la Universidad

La universidad puede ser confusa para navegar por un estudiante por primera vez gracias al nuevo conjunto de palabras y siglas que necesita saber. Encuentrase por delante del resto en su clase con nuestra lista de 26 términos que debe saber para ayudarle durante su tiempo en la universidad.

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Faculty Friday; Meet Johnny MacLean, Geology

As an associate professor of geology at Southern Utah University, Dr. Johnny MacLean takes his students outside to learn from nature and to see concepts come to life. His authentic teaching style and passion for the outdoors creates a curriculum based on the ideals found in SUU’s mission: to engage students in experiential education leading to personal growth, civic responsibility, and professional excellence.

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Preguntas de Trabajo-Estudio

¿Qué es el estudio de trabajo? Estudio de trabajo es el dinero que usted puede ganar durante todo el semestre por ser empleado en el campus con un empleador aprobado. El estudiante recibe un cheque de pago por horas trabajadas. Este dinero puede usarse para la matrícula, honorarios, libros, o cualquier gasto de vida que usted pueda tener.

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A Mother of Four Helps Make SUU Childcare Facilities a Reality

 In early 2014, Alayna Johnson was happily married to Joe, a hard working father who provided for her and their three children. However, everything soon changed in April when Johnson discovered Joe was using cocaine. This startling realization forced Johnson to make tough decisions. She put her children’s health and safety first, leaving Joe and setting out to become the sole provider for her family.

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Southern Utah University Housing

You’ve applied, been accepted, and now you’re enrolled at Southern Utah University. The next step is to find student housing in Cedar City.

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Cedar City Apartments for College Students

SUU's residence halls are currently filled for fall semester 2017, but Cedar City has plenty of off-campus housing options to offer. With a safe community and close proximity to SUU, most off-campus housing options are the perfect option for students. Apartments range from studio, private or shared rooms in apartment buildings, houses or community members' basements. If you are searching for off-campus housing, use our real-time housing finder. 

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SUU Off-campus Housing Finder

To help students find a place to live, SUU has an off-campus housing finder.   Housing available ranges from apartments to houses and private or shared bedrooms. The list provides basic information about each rental property and contact information.

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Off-campus Housing Options

Currently, on-campus housing at Southern Utah University is full. SUU is centralizing off-campus housing options to help students find the perfect home away from home. Here is information to help you find housing at SUU.

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¿Qué es un Préstamo Estudiantil?

Un préstamo es dinero que usted pide prestado y debe pagar con intereses, así que asegúrese de entender sus opciones y responsabilidades.

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Kicking Off the Larry H. Miller Utah Summer Games

By Cami Mathews on June 02, 2017

in Cedar City, Summer

The 32nd annual Larry H. Miller Utah Summer Games celebrates excellence in the human spirit and healthy lifestyles through extraordinary sporting events and competition. Kicking off the Games will be the Opening Ceremony on Thursday, June 8 at 8:30 p.m. in the Southern Utah University Eccles Coliseum and will feature the athlete’s march, live entertainment, and fireworks.

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SUU to Law Firm

Raised in the heart of Utah Valley, Grayson Moulton wanted to attend a university that provided something different than his community education options. After attending Southern Utah University’s High School Shakespeare Competition, Grayson knew SUU offered the something different he was looking for.

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Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Rosa Perez

To Dr. Rosa Perez language is culture. She firmly believes learning a new language is a worthwhile experience because it opens your mind to something different; something you aren’t used to. Language is important for communication but, more importantly, it’s a door to new ideas, understanding and ways of life.

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