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Agriculture Student Plants The Seeds Of Success

Farming has always been a part of the American landscape and hay farming has been a part of Colby Spencer’s family for generations. This heritage helped Spencer, an agriculture science major from Orderville, Utah, and senior at Southern Utah University, develop a unique EDGE project.

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SUU Nursing Student Finds Ways To Help

What drives health professionals to practice medicine? Jake Ross, a junior nursing student at Southern Utah University, believes it’s the emotional payout that goes hand-in-hand with the work. It’s this type of compensation that drives the Vernal, Utah native to help his fellow nursing students succeed and it’s what motivates him to plan medical missions around the globe.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Study Geology

Twenty national parks and monuments are located within a 5 hour drive from Southern Utah University making it the ideal location to major in geology. SUU’s undergraduate geology program takes advantage of some of the most diverse geology in North America. Students will study nearly 2 billion years of geologic history within a 100 mile radius of campus. These resources provide SUU geology students an opportunity to be involved in a variety of cutting edge research

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Faculty Friday: Meet SheriDawn Neilson, Nursing

SheriDawn Neilson’s career in nursing has come full circle as she now teaches at the university that started her on the path to become a respected nurse and educator.

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SUU Student Helps Researchers Look For Epilepsy Cure

Does the idea of working with medical professionals to develop cutting-edge medical treatments get your neurons firing? It does for Lacey Woods, a junior and biology major at Southern Utah University from Henderson, Nevada.

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Meet Carrie Bucklin, Biology

Light bulb moments are what inspire Dr. Carrie Bucklin, assistant professor of biology at Southern Utah University, and those moments of keen understanding from her students remind her why she became an educator.

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Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Richard Saunders, Library

By Kaden Mcbride on December 19, 2017

in Faculty, Faculty Friday

Dr. Richard Saunders serves as the Dean of Library Services at Southern Utah University. His passion for education, history and books started from an early age.

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7 Student Loan Mistakes And How to Avoid Them

By Kaden Mcbride on December 05, 2017

in Students, Campus Resources

A good education makes economic sense. College graduates on average make more money than people with only a high school diploma. They also experience lower levels of unemployment. These are great reasons to go to college but it can be difficult to pay for college with personal finances. Many students turn to loans in order to make ends meet and run the risk of making huge financial mistakes.

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Helping Veterans Succeed in the Classroom

By Kaden Mcbride on November 08, 2017

in Students, Campus Resources, In the News

As military personnel are discharged from the armed forces, they wonder “what’s next”? For a record number of veterans, college has become the answer. However, the transition from the regimented lifestyle of active duty to civilian life can be difficult. 

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Amazon Teaches Computer Science Student First-Class Skills

An understanding of technology can open many doors. Katrina Mehring’s proficiency with technology opened a big door for her, as the computer science major from Pioche, Nevada, was able to secure an internship at Amazon this summer.

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