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Information Security News, August 2018

By Mark Walton on August 01, 2018

in Cedar City, Campus Resources

I would like to formally welcome everyone to campus as we get ready to begin a new academic year. The IT Department produces this Information Security Newsletter on a monthly basis to help educate the campus community on security related issues. Feel free to pass the information on to any friends or family that you think might benefit.

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How to Protect Yourself Against Social Engineering

By Mark Walton on November 15, 2017

in College of Science and Engineering

There is a recurring need to be aware of social engineering. According to the SANS Institute's October 2017 Security Awareness Newsletter, "Social engineering is a common technique used by cyber attackers to trick or fool people into doing something they should not do, such as sharing their password, infecting their computer, or sharing sensitive information."

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How You Can Protect Yourself From the Equifax Data Breach

By Mark Walton on September 14, 2017

The credit reporting/monitoring company, Equifax, suffered a massive data breach. The breach occurred sometime between May and July of 2017, but the public is just now being notified of the breach. 

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