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Top 10 Mountain Biking Trails in Southern Utah

By Phenix Johnson on May 08, 2018

in Students, Outdoors

Southern Utah is a vast playground for outdoor enthusiasts. It has countless recreation opportunities for every experience level all within a short drive from Cedar City. What some might not know is that there are fifty miles of mountain biking trails on the mountain slopes east of Cedar City, so you don’t have to go far to have fun.

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Top 10 Hikes in Southern Utah

By Phenix Johnson on June 15, 2017

in Summer, Outdoors

While the thought of southern Utah conjures up images of red rock, cowboys, and cattle in many visitor’s minds, those of us who are lucky enough to live in the area know that the wide variety of landscapes is what makes this the outdoor enthusiast's playground.  A short hour drive south of Cedar City can take travelers to the smoldering red rock and slot canyon mazes, or if a visitor takes the opposite direction, one can find themselves atop a 11,000 ft peak surrounded

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Top 10 Climbing Spots in Southern Utah

At Southern Utah University, we are not only surrounded by bountiful parks and recreation areas, we are also in the center of a thriving climbing community. Those that find themselves exploring southern Utah are never far away from yet another beautiful climbing spot. Each location with more fun and challenging routes than the last, they range from sandstone to lava rock, from mountain tops to caves.  Before we look at specific locations, let's define a few climbing

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Cheap Spring Break Ideas

Last week found T-Birds nose-deep in textbooks studying for dreaded midterms. Finally, those tests are in the past, and as the dust settles, a huge realization sets in. Spring Break is practically here! With the long-awaited break just days away and temperatures rising, it’s time to start planning to make the most of your vacation. It’s your chance to kick your feet up, let your hair down, and have a good time. Here are some ideas for a fun, memorable – and relaxing –

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10 Hot Springs Near Cedar City

By Phenix Johnson on January 27, 2017

in Students, Cedar City, Outdoors

For adventurers looking for a relaxing escape, consider exploring the diverse wonders of a geothermal pool. Natural hot springs heated by the earth can be found throughout Utah and offer many holistic healing benefits including increased blood circulation, reduced stress, and natural pain relief. Enjoy the surrounding scenic beauty as you soak in the warm embrace of the natural waters.

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