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Bob Schieffer, Questions About Politics

By Southern Utah University on April 26, 2017 in


Emmy-award winning political commentator and TV journalist Bob Schieffer is Southern Utah University’s 2017 Commencement speaker on April 28, 2017. SUU recently met with Schieffer in his Washington D.C. office at CBS to ask about his life, the current political situation and advice for graduating students.

In this section of the three-part series, Schieffer answers questions about the world of politics. He covers the topics of socialism, responsiblities of America's citizens, and the role journalists play in politics.

Schieffer also says, "My rule has been, always, if this is something that is going to impact in a negative way on people’s lives, and the only way to get that news out is to publish something that the government may have classified, then I think the press has an obligation to do that."

Check out the complete transcript of SUU’s interview with Schieffer and his political insight. Also hear Bob give advice to graduates, answer questions about his lifeor watch the full interview.




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