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Campus Forum: March 22, 2017


President Scott L Wyatt spoke at an employee campus forum March 22, 2017. His review of the 2017 Legislative Session covered state tuition increases, performance-based funding, and the overall university budget focus, among other things. Questions regarding the below information can be directed toward Ellen Treanor ( 


- State will most likely see a 2.5% first tier tuition increase
- There is no second tier increase
- Most schools in Utah are raising tuition the next school year (Dixie State University, Utah State University)
- Compensation: We wanted 1% increase as a priority, asked for 3%, given 2% from legislature. Everyone gets a 1% increase, other 1% used by upper administration (deans, vice presidents, etc.)
- Health Insurance: we have a healthy staff. No rate increases, you'll get 2% not covered by premiums, we are self insured because we are a healthy school.
- Enrollment Growth: Total money was only $3 million. A lot of schools didn't get any, so ours is substantial. We will receive an additional $800,000 every year forever.
- STEM Pipeline: Bill Heyborne-led initiative, preparing high school students for university level courses (recruit, train). This was one-time funding in the past, was granted consistent, ongoing funding forever. 
- Utah Shakespeare Festival: Ongoing money
- Athletics: $1 million - evening the playing field between utah universities athletics departments.
- Utah Summer Games: one-time funding granted constant funding

Add up all the funding we received? It equals one of our best years. It's better than last year, better than we expected even from the beginning of the session. 






The Utah governor is focusing on STEM jobs in the future. 





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