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Why You Need to Vote in SUU Elections

By Cami Mathews on February 25, 2019 in

Student Experience, SUU Politics

28279447_1968559789839394_2903431421522883631_nCampus election season is upon us and it’s time to focus on why your vote matters. Changes have been made to the election process, candidates are gearing up for a hectic week, but none of it matters unless you vote.

Over the past year, decisions were made regarding the election process at Southern Utah University, the biggest change being that candidates no longer run in parties. This means that each candidate can only represent themselves and cannot endorse other candidates. This is a big change from the typical party system, but something that other campuses in Utah have implemented. For a complete outline of the SUUSA Constitution and Election Bylaws, visit the SUU Elections page.

During Election Week, candidates will be available at meet-and-greets in the Living Room, tables in the Student Center, and events around campus. Signs will decorate the quads, flyers will be available outside classrooms, and students will be bombarded with urges to vote. But why should you vote in this year’s election?

“Students should vote because SUU is their school, this is their campus, and student leaders work for them,” said D’Mia Lamar, current SUUSA President. “Students matter. What happens on SUU’s campus matters, and your vote matters.”

Lamar equated student voting to a company hiring a new employee. An employer always interviews candidates before hiring them, taking the time to get to know them and their work ethic. The same applies in SUU elections. It is important to meet the candidates, learn about them, and vote for whomever you feel will best represent you.

Election Week is February 25 - March 1. Monday and Tuesday are reserved for Primary Elections; any position with more than three candidates must participate in the primaries. Those positions are Vice President of Clubs, School of Business Senator, and College of Performing and Visual Arts Senator.

General Elections run from February 27 - March 1. You will vote through your SUU Portal for both the Primary and General elections. You can access your portal through any device, such as your phone, a Library computer, a tablet, etc. A complete list of candidate and their platforms can be found on the Student Involvement and Leadership website.

The power of the student voice is strongest during SUU elections. Make sure you get out and vote this week!


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