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Faculty Friday; Meet Dr. Todd Mack, Spanish

Mack, Todd.jpgDr. Todd Mack loves languages. As a Spanish and Humanities professor at Southern Utah University since 2013, Mack instills his passion for language and culture in his students as he leads study abroad trips and encourages learning immersion.

Mack earned a Master in Spanish Peninsular Literature from Brigham Young University and a PhD in Iberian and Latin American Literatures and Cultures from Stanford University. He is also fairly fluent in Catalan, Portuguese, and French.

Mack teaches the following classes:

  • HU 1010 Intro to Humanities
  • SPAN 1010 Beginning Spanish 1
  • SPAN 1020 Beginning Spanish 2
  • SPAN 2020 Intermediate Spanish 2
  • SPAN 3210 Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition
  • SPAN 3510 Culture and History of Spain
  • SPAN 4000 Introduction to the Study of Hispanic Literature
  • SPAN 4210 Spanish Peninsular Literature 12th-18th Century
  • SPAN 4610 Film Noir and Contemporary Iberian Nvl

“I really, truly just love teaching,” said Mack. “I like helping others understand new or difficult topics. My favorite moments are when a student finally grasps a concept and I see a light turn on in their eyes. That’s what’s rewarding for me.”

Mack doesn’t just love to teach, he’s often recognized for his teaching abilities too. This year Mack was awarded the SUU Influencer Award for his positive work in the classroom. He was also named an SUU Distinguished Educator in 2015 and received the Stanford University Centennial Teaching Award in 2011 for his excellence in graduate student teaching.

Todd and Betty Mack Family.jpg“The other day one of my students told me they were at work and a native Spanish speaker needed help,” said Mack. “They were able to help, which was their first time speaking Spanish with a native speaker. The student was so excited, and it just reminded me again that it’s all worth it.”

Mack enjoys traveling (especially to Spain), reading, and exploring philosophical topics. He runs a podcast with Dr. Joseph Darowski and Dr. Andrew Darowski, professors at BYU. They publish a new episode on their Protagonist Podcast every Monday, discussing topics from novels, TV shows, films, and comic books.

Mack met his wife Betty while he was studying at BYU. He has four children, all of which are bilingual. He loves spending time with his family and sharing his passions with them.

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