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How are Admissions & Scholarship Decisions Made?

How are admissions decisions made?

Admissions and scholarship decisions are influenced by an index of GPA and ACT scores at Southern Utah University. The admission index is where the GPA and test scores intersect.

Students with an admission index of 90 or higher will be admitted to Southern Utah University. Students with an admission index below 90 are encouraged to contact the Admissions Office.

SAT score is based on Critical Reading & Math sections and not the Writing section. Total score will be based out of 1600.


What is rolling admission?

Rolling admission is a procedure by which SUU evaluates applicants on a first-come, first-served basis. Applicants are screened as soon as they submit all application materials. SUU may consider applications on a weekly or monthly schedule. Applicants receive a notice of the decision a short time after application.

Are there any admission deadlines?

Because of rolling admissions, applicants can apply at any time of the year. In order to receive a scholarship, prospective students must have their application completed before March 1. 

What is open admissions?

Open admission is a  policy that admits virtually all applicants with high school diplomas or their equivalent. Conventional academic qualifications, such as high school subjects taken, high school grades, and admissions test scores are not used to limit enrollment, but can affect placement in courses.

Is SUU an open admission school?

Southern Utah University is one of two public Utah schools that do not use an open admission policy. SUU uses an index of GPA and ACT scores to determine admission.

How are college scholarships decided?

The scores shown on the scholarship chart are rounded and used for estimating purposes only. Scholarship awards are based on the exact index not the rounded score.

Utah Resident Scholarship Index

Non-resident Scholarship Index

 For more information please contact Southern Utah University to determine what your possible scholarship will be.

General Admissions
(435) 586-7740

Find the version of this article in Spanish here: ¿Cómo se toman las decisiones sobre admisiones y becas?


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