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Who is Isaac Newton?

By Southern Utah University on September 07, 2017

isaac-newtonIsaac Newton is one of the most important figures in the entire history of science. His originality, scope, and importance went beyond that of any other man of his time. By his laws of motion, his theory of universal gravitation, his studies of light and color, and his contributions to calculus, he reorganized the study of the physical universe. His two chief works, the Principia and the Opticks, remain masterpieces of scientific literature. By common consensus, Principia is the most influential work that has ever appeared in the field of mathematical physics and Astronomy. A supreme thinker, Newton Possessed, in an exceptional degree, an aptitude for intellectual inquiry of every kind - that of a lawyer, historian, and theologian, as well as mathematician, physicist, and astronomer. His work has inspired generations of men and women who recognize his unparallelled genius. Newton continues to serve as a supreme example of the power of the human mind to bring order to our observational and material universe.

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