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10 Hidden Features on LinkedIn You Should Be Using

By Cayley Hand on February 15, 2019 in

School of Business, Student Experience


LinkedIn is an everyday tool for most people in business, but there are a lot of features users still don’t know about. Here are some tips on how to utilize a few of the resources available on LinkedIn.

1. Take advantage of LinkedIn Learning. Under “Work” there is an icon titled “LinkedIn Learning.” With LinkedIn learning, you can watch videos and gain a better understanding of how to use Microsoft Word, tips on giving presentations or how to approach mental health. This is a great way to brush up on your skills before an important interview, meeting or first day of work. Utilize the search engine at the top to find new and fun topics.

2. Not sure what your dream job salary may be? Under “Jobs” at the top of your user bar, you can type in different jobs and see real salaries from real companies in the market right now. Try typing in the random jobs that you thought might be fun and see what kind of salary they really make. You can also use the LinkedIn Salary tool and filter by occupation and location to see current jobs posted in the area.

3. Want articles to post about or read through from other professionals? Under the “Work” there is an icon titled “Insights.” Within “Insights” you will find a tab called “Resources” at the top. Under ‘Resources,” click on “Tallent Blog.” This will take you to LinkedIn’s blog where they have professionals writing about updates on LinkedIn. Articles include things such as, what the top ten jobs will be in upcoming years and how companies are helping employees with mental health. Feel free to share one or two of these articles on your personal page if you feel it fits in with your style.

4. Do you want to promote your personal business? Under the “Work” tab there is an icon titled “Advertise.” By clicking on this you’ll see step-by-step instructions on how to best advertise for small, or large, businesses. Be sure to explore all of the tabs so you fully understand how you are being promoted. Create a marketing plan and track your progress if you want to have a successful page with LinkedIn.

5. Achieve your career goals!  Under the “Work” tab located at the top of your screen, you will find an icon titled “ProFinder.” With ProFinder, you can have real people within your field review your resume, help prepare you for an interview or even find a career coach. This resource can be scary sometimes because you are putting yourself out there for a few people to see, but don’t be afraid to reach out and contact them.

6. Share what you know.  Under the tab “Slideshare,” find presentations on how to make effective presentations, books on the Cold War endorsed by professionals on LinkedIn or how to unleash your child's brain power. Consider slideshare to be your new google search engine for professional and credible resources on powerpoints and books. This is also a great place to upload your latest A+ presentation and share what you know.

7. Not sure who you are connected with? Under “My Network” you can find everything that is happening that isn’t on your profile. On this page you can access the various people you are connected with, see your invitations to follow others and it even gives you a whole list of recommended connections. You can also check what companies you are following and what hashtags you share. The coolest feature is that you can import your contacts. This allows you to connect directly with those contacts you’ve had on your phone forever.

8. Looking for employees? Under “Jobs,” there is this awesome blue button in the top right hand corner that says “Post a Job.” Once you fill out the information within its link, your job will be posted for the entire LinkedIn career force to see. That means when someone goes looking for a job in your area, your business’s position will pop up as an option.

9. Do you have specific career interests? Under the “Jobs” icon there is a toolbar at the top. One of the options is titled “Career Interests.” By clicking on this, it allows potential employers to view what you want even before they speak to you. This is an amazing tool and can be compared to the introduction before the real resume. Be sure to fill this out and keep it up to date with things like job titles you are considering, where you are willing to work, and when you are looking for a job.

10. LinkedIn is mobile friendly! LinkedIn does not have to be a huge ordeal where you open your computer and only look at it in between projects at work. By downloading their mobile app, you can post about your amazing new project as it is happening and keep up to date with all of your connections new job updates.

Exploring on any unfamiliar platform can be intimidating, but there is no growth in the comfort zone and there is no comfort in the growth zone. Explore and have fun growing and building your LinkedIn profile!

Consider LinkedIn to be your virtual resume and continual conference convention. You never know who may look at your profile. LinkedIn is for EVERYONE - not just business executives. The connections you make on LinkedIn can help you score a job or business partner in any field. For more help on building your LinkedIn, stop by SUU’s Career Center or check out our other articles on how to build your LinkedIn profile, how to make connections on LinkedIn, and ideas of what to post.


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