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5 Ways to Connect with People on LinkedIn

By Cayley Hand on February 15, 2019 in

School of Business, Student Experience


Now that your profile is refined, it’s time to start connecting with people on LinkedIn.

Making connections is how you find potential jobs, so don’t be afraid to reach out and network. The worst anyone can do is tell you “no” and if they do, say “thank you for your time” and move on to the next person.

From other students at your school to former coworkers, there are a lot of people you can connect with on LinkedIn. Here are some ways you can connect with these people and keep the conversation going.

1. The best way to make connections is through face to face events. When you attend conventions based around your field, instead of asking for their Facebook or Instagram, ask if you can connect on LinkedIn. This allows you to create professional relationships with those in your field and keep your other social media platforms for your more casual friends and family.

2. Reach out to SUU alumni who graduated in the same field as you. LinkedIn is perfect to showcase yourself as a professional student looking into a career. Connecting with alumni can provide the opportunity to receive advice, tips, and possible internship opportunities from former T-Birds. Visit SUU’s Alumni tool on LinkedIn to connect with alumni.

3. Follow publishers and companies you are interested in. Staying in touch with their professional news will keep you informed, plus - when you finally get an interview, you are up to date on all the company happenings.  

4. Part of making connections is staying in touch with them. Be sure to congratulate people when you see they get a new job, raise, write an article or make a new post. If someone is doing something you are interested in, don’t be afraid to private message them and ask questions about their field. Nearly everyone was in your shoes at one point and would love to give advice.

5. Find groups who have similar interests as you. Under the “Works’ tab, there is an icon titled “Groups.” Here, you can find various groups who post content related to your field of interest. If you want to know more about a topic, private message one of the active group members to see what advice they can give you.

Consider LinkedIn to be your virtual resume and continual conference convention. You never know who may look at your profile. LinkedIn is for EVERYONE - not just business executives. The connections you make on LinkedIn can help you score a job or business partner in any field. For more help on building your LinkedIn, stop by SUU’s Career Center or check out our other articles on how to build your LinkedIn profile, ideas of what to post and hidden features and resources on LinkedIn.


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