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Meet Our Professors: Britton Mace, Psychology

Traveling to different parks and recording the sound and how it affects people in these different environments is just some of what Dr. Britt Mace can share with his students here at SUU. Dr. Mace is able to be a researcher as well as a teacher of enviornmental psychology, which he loves because it combines multiple disciplines together. 

Professor of Psychology


How long have you been working at SUU? 
17 years

Where did you grow up? 
Colorado and Northern California

Where did you attend college and what did you study? 
-Bachelor’s in Psychology with minors in International Relations and Business at California State University, Chico
-Master’s in Experimental Psychology at Colorado State University
-Doctorate in Experimental Psychology at Colorado State University

When and how did you decide what you wanted your career to be? 
I took the class Environmental Psychology in my senior year as an undergraduate and it changed the direction of my life.  I searched for graduate programs that focused on this interesting discipline and landed in a wonderful program at Colorado State.  Professionally my goal was to be a researcher, however I enjoyed teaching so much I changed the direction of my career.

What do you feel is the most interesting thing about your field? 
Psychology is such a fascinating discipline that explores the complexities of humanity.  Studying psychology at SUU will lead to a degree that can take you everywhere.

Favorite thing to teach about your subject? 
Breaking through the misconceptions about what psychology is really all about.

Why do you love your field? 
I love Environmental Psychology because it is a problem oriented, interdisciplinary, and timely field that seeks to better understand our place in the world.

What has been your proudest moment working at SUU? 
Every semester brings proud moments because of the energy and creativity our students bring.

What is one thing you wish to tell every student in your class?
Take advantage of this time in your life and find something you're passionate about.  Turn that passion into a career and make it happen.

What do you love about SUU? 
There are so many things!  The students, my outstanding colleagues, the university, geographic location, and, of course, the spectacular natural surroundings!


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