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Meet Our Professors: Jeff Orton, Accounting

2019-3-MOP-Jeff-Orton-ClassroomA Cedar City native, Jeff Orton grew up surrounded by the sights, sounds, and fanfare that make Festival City, USA recognizable. But he never could have predicted that he would find work as a professional in residence in the very same college he attended in his own young adulthood.

As a student at Southern Utah University, Orton didn’t have any set direction for his life until he took a college accounting class that changed his perspective, “I saw that there are accountants needed in everything. I love sports, I love music, I love business, all kinds of things… I noticed that the common thing in all of them; everyone needed accountants to help them.”

Before coming to teach, Orton worked with a national auditing firm in Las Vegas, helping businesses throughout the country, and even spent portions of his time with the firm training new employees. “That’s kind of where I got my first taste of teaching. And I realized, you know what, I really love working in the industry, but I love the teaching aspect too.”

It was this draw to the teaching aspect of auditing that helped him eventually choose to return to his alma mater and teach full time at SUU. And the job has not been without more than its fair share of excitement and pride. “I think, my proudest moments really come mostly when… I take students on employer visits and to see them make a decision, accept a job, and be really excited… those are the most rewarding times, it’s pretty awesome.”  

Orton currently teaches the following courses, and also runs the Professional Accountancy Club:

  • ACCT 2010 Accounting Principles

  • ACCT 4400 Auditing 1

  • ACCT 6400 Auditing 2

  • ACCT 6450 Forensic Accounting

While he has found his own passion for accounting, Orton also hopes that his students will fall in love with accounting and understand how it connects to their individual futures. 

His wish for his students is to form a more personal relationship and to help them understand the value of accounting in their careers and lives.

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