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Meet Our Professors: Kevin Stein, Communication

Dr. Kevin Stein got his start on his high school debate team and attended SUU searching to find a field that would appeal to the “debater” inside, and he found it as a professor. Now as a professor of communication at Southern Utah University Stein's research is in apologia rhetoric (public apology) and political campaign communication. 

Stein earned his bachelor's in communication from SUU, masters in communication in speech communication from Idaho State University and his doctorate in communication with an emphasis in rhetoric and political communication from the University of Missouri. He started working at SUU in 2005 and loves interacting with students.

“I teach because I enjoy the dynamic environment of the classroom,” said Stein. “I love that even when my content is sometimes the same from semester to semester, the back and forth with students is never the same. It’s always unique.”

Stein regularly teaches the following classes:

  • COMM 1310 Thinking & Listening Critically

  • COMM 2010 Media & Society (as part of SUU’s Jumpstart program)

  • COMM 2110 Interpersonal Communication

  • COMM 3020 Communication Research

  • COMM 3150 Nonverbal Communication

  • COMM 4502 Political Communication

  • COMM 6020 Qualitative Communication Research

  • COMM 6240 Pop Culture Messages

  • COMM 6240 Political and Corporate Speechwriting

  • COMM 6850 Individual Graduate Research

  • COMM 6900 Masters Capstone Thesis

Stein served as the faculty senate president in 2015, chaired the academic affairs committee and led students in the exit polling for southern Utah during the most recent general and midterm elections.

He has published numerous articles addressing a variety of apologetic contexts including Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitic tirade, Barack Obama’s “World Apology Tour,” Zinedine Zidane’s head-butting incident at the World Cup, George W. Bush’s federal response during Hurricane Katrina, and Soviet reaction to U.S. apologia following the 1960 U-2 incident. And is the creator of Public Apology Central, a source for crisis summaries, transcripts, videos, and audio of public apologies from politicians, organizations, media figures, and heads of state. 

Stein is motivated by the possibility that he could impact a student’s life in a positive way, and believes that education in all its forms makes us more compassionate beings.

“I have been deeply changed by the mentors I’ve had in my own life,” said Stein. “To think I could play that important of a role for another student who may be having trouble with confidence or in finding direction in his/her life, that’s a tremendously humbling thing.”




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