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Meet Our Professors: Krystal McCoy, Music

MOP-Krystal-McCoy-3-2019-0549Dr. Krystal McCoy knew she wanted to teach from a young age and earned a bachelor’s degree in music education, a master’s in choral conducting and a doctorate of musical art in music education to fulfill that dream.

McCoy began her teaching career in high school choral music in the New Jersey Public School System. Now as a assistant professor of choral education at Southern Utah University, she teaches choral literature, methods, advanced conducting, applied voice and conducts the Women’s Choir through the following classes:

  • MUSC 1400 Individual Applied Music Instruction
  • MUSC 3340 Luminosa Women’s Choir
  • MUSC 3350 Opus Chamber Choir
  • MUSC 3360 Concert Choir
  • MUSC 3400 Individual Applied Music Instruction
  • MUSC 3800 Junior Recital
  • MUSC 4800 Senior Recital
  • MUSC 4960 Choral Methods
  • MUSC 6970 Capstone Project

An educator at heart, McCoy believes that the most important piece of her job is the student and the student’s experience.

“There are amazing, incredible experiences that we have on campus and off campus at SUU,” said McCoy. “What we foster and cultivate here in the classroom, inspires my students and helps them go beyond this classroom, into their own, and engage with their students.”

“I don’t want my students to think that there is one template of information that they need to memorize and they are good for the rest of their lives. I want them to take in information and then be able to make their own choices, cultivating their own informed personal agency at the university level.”

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