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Meet Our Professors: Steven Swift, Art & Design

2019-02-MOP-Steven-SwiftAs a lecturer of art at Southern Utah University, Steven Swift is following two of his passions: teaching and the arts. From working with his students to sharing new technologies and advancements in the arts, he hopes to share the value of learning with his students.

From the beginning of his education, Swift knew that he wanted to teach. After earning both his bachelor’s and master’s degree at SUU, Swift began teaching in the Art and Design Department.

“I did not go to school with any other thought than becoming a professor,” said Swift. “That was my goal. To inspire and educate and share that love for learning with my students, that’s always been my goal since day one.”

Swift currently teaches several sections of ART 2210 Digital Tools at SUU. While design is the focus, Swift also aims to give his students the tools they need to adapt and succeed as design technology changes.

“My goal is to give students the tools and the power to learn on their own, because everything I show them now, especially in the digital tools realm, is going to be different a year from now,” explained Swift. “Giving them the ability to expand on their knowledge, even after they leave my classroom, that’s a great feeling.”

As both an alumni and teacher at SUU, Swift has a deep love for the school and the surrounding area.

“Everyone here cares about the students,” said Swift. “In every department, the art department, engineering, business, sociology, they are all passionate about education and working for the students. To move from being a student to being a colleague among other professors has been one of the proudest moments of my life.”

A strong believer in life-long learning, Swift encourages students to take SUU’s motto to heart and stay active in their education, especially in the ever-changing world of digital design.

“I do think that learning lives forever. We tend to downplay something that is a slogan. But, it’s not just a slogan, it is something that we should take forward. I studied painting and printmaking as an undergrad, illustration for my graduate degree, and I teach design. There are so many aspects of how you can flow through your work and you need to be able to learn on the fly.”

While in school, Swift encourages all his students to take their time, to relax and enjoy it.

“Slow down, take a break. You are in school for a reason and you can take this time to mess up. You have plenty of time after you leave here to be busy.“

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