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Meet Our Professors: Michael Crotty, Dance

2019-01-Michael-Crotty-Dance-Professor1As a dance artist and teacher, Michael Crotty seeks to make dance accessible to all bodies, all of the time. He is relentlessly seeking opportunities to critically engage students and educators in activities that integrate dance into an individual’s relevant area of interest.

“While my interests started in being able to communicate my passion for dance and the arts with students, it’s evolved based on hearing their stories and helping them accomplish their desires. And also enabling students to cultivate their own artistic abilities and make a difference in this world based on those.”

Crotty has worked with the Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Company, Diavolo Dance Theater, the Salt Lake City Public Library, Sugar Space for the Arts, the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Southern Utah Museum of Art and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Now as an assistant professor of dance at SUU, Crotty teaches the following classes:

  • DANC 2150 Classical Ballet III

  • DANC 3180 Modern V

  • DANC 3500 Dance History

  • DANC 3530 Principles of Choreography

  • DANC 3900 Creative Movement for Children

  • DANC 4300 Dance Ensemble

  • DANC 4900 Advanced Methods in Dance Education

  • DANC 4980 Student Teaching

“In my classes, I’m engaging in experiential activities and lecture activities. I value, and SUU does such a good job of implementing, community-based practices. I am inspired by SUU’s utilization of high impact educational practices and I can safely say in my first year, because I had the opportunity to teach so many classes, that I engaged with those actively.”

2019-01-Michael-Crotty-Dance-Professor2Crotty’s top priority as a professor is to be available to his students. Within that he hopes to come to class prepared and ready to stay true to the material he is teaching, but also allow that course to be redirected based on the immediate response of his students.

Crotty reminds students to do the work and take charge of their education.

“Get out of your own way and take advantage of these opportunities now. Your life is happening in this moment. The program is designed to enable your success but you have to see it. I can attribute my happiness to the ability to remain committed to my education.”

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