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President’s Podcast: Shakespeare, Education and Tolerance

Solutions for Higher Education engages in deeper reflection of critical issues in the world of colleges and universities.utah-shakespeare-festival-much-ado-about-nothing-2016-season (1)-964976-editedIn Episode 28, President Scott L Wyatt and Dr. Steve Meredith are joined by Michael Bahr, Director of Education at the Utah Shakespeare Festival, to discuss how the messages of the shows at the Festival play into our current world.

“We’re looking at plays that are 400 years old and are still relevant today,” said Bahr. “That’s why we weep, it’s why we laugh.  This season in particular was intentionally designed to talk about tolerance, to talk about civility and how we relate to one another.”

Bahr believes in an inclusive process of casting and producing a show. Including others with different backgrounds and perspectives can teach us more about both the art that we enjoy and the human experiences we all share.

“Our struggle is to continually improve as a humanity and to find means with which we can help facilitate those improvements, and there's a lot of ways to do that,” said Wyatt. “Certainly, one way is the arts, and that's something that we've made a real focus on this year. It has been fun to watch the plays where everyone has a slightly different take on inclusion.”

“We go to the temple of the theater to try to get right with ourselves and to try to get right with God, and with the collective humanity,” said Bahr. “I like comparing theaters to temples but it's a real active and alive temple. It's there to make you ask questions, and a lot of times when you're done with a play, you don't get the answers at the end of the play. You get more questions, which tells you that the play probably did what it was supposed to.”

Listen to Episode 28 here.


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