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President’s Podcast: The Importance of Student Scholarships

By Andrew Brown on December 27, 2018 in

President's Corner

2018-12-Financial-Planning-Debt-CollegeSolutions for Higher Education engages in deeper reflection of critical issues in the world of colleges and universities.

In Episode 40, President Scott L Wyatt and Professor Steve Meredith are joined by students Shana Bartell and Newman Kante to discuss how important scholarships have been in their educations.

Bartell is a single legal guardian of six who is currently enrolled in the Southern Utah University Aviation Program. After getting married at 16 and having five children, she divorced and then later took in her younger sister when her parents died. If it wasn’t for scholarships Bartell would never be able to pursue higher education.

Scholarships are more to me than just money that gets me by,” said Bartell.  “It's affecting my posterity in a lot of profound ways and it's inspiring my kids and my little sister and other single moms, other students and other females in aviation to dream big and that it's possible and that people want to support you, that you're not alone."

Kante also owes a lot to scholarships. He left his family when he was only four years old and lived homeless on the streets of his home country of Mali in order to attend the nearest school. After years on the streets, he was able to go to a private high school in Utah and eventually come to SUU because of scholarships.

“By giving to scholarships you aren’t just changing our lives,” said Kante “You're changing our families, our friends who fall away back home. When I come home, they just look at me like, ‘How did you do this?’ So, they see the possibilities. But I think behind that is the donors, the helpers, the people who are involved. They are the possibility. That's something I really admire. I'm just so grateful for them to contribute into my life, and my family, and my community.”

“We have students at SUU from 49 of the 50 states, and from 63 countries,” said Wyatt. “So, the donations we get for scholarships are coming from lots and lots of places. But, for somebody that lives here in Utah or Cedar City and contributes to a scholarship, sometimes they don't really understand that they might be changing the world in Mali. Or, they might be helping a single mother get through school.”

Listen to Episode 40 here.


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