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President’s Podcast: Youtube vs. Higher Education

By Andrew Brown on October 14, 2018 in

President's Corner

stillman-business-classSolutions for Higher Education engages in deeper reflection of critical issues in the world of colleges and universities

In Episode 32, President Scott L Wyatt and Professor Steve Meredith are joined by Dan Anderegg to discuss learning through Youtube versus traditional higher education. Anderegg worked alongside Steve Meredith in creating the Department of Music’s Master of Music Technology program. Anderegg is also the Curriculum Manager at Pluralsight and has worked as a composer for television shows like Grey’s Anatomy.

In constructing the curriculum for the new Music Technology Master’s degree, Meredith and Anderegg wanted to be able to answer the question: “why should I pay you graduate tuition for three semesters when I could learn everything that you're going to teach me on YouTube in a series of tutorials?”

“How do we answer this question in a world where people feel like they are one WebMD visit away from being a doctor or one YouTube tutorial away from being Frank Lloyd Wright?” asked Meredith. “What extra value does higher education add that you cannot get through a YouTube tutorial?”

With the sum of human knowledge a few clicks and a short video away, it seems there is less need for higher education than ever before. Yet, more and more employers require a degree, and more people are pursuing higher education.

“Technology changes every day,” said Wyatt. “You can get some skills and specific pieces of information, but unless you have a broad understanding of the principles, concepts and history underlying all these things, you can't weave it all together and fully understand it. So, what we are learning to do at school is we are learning how to think. We are learning how to learn to learn, and we are learning how to research and find things that are challenging to find.”

Youtube is a powerful tool for education, but the goals of higher education are more than just the conveying of information. Higher education can give us the skills and context to understand new information and continue to learn for life.

Listen to Episode 32 here.


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