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President's Welcome Back Assembly 2017

By President Scott L Wyatt on August 30, 2017 in

President's Corner

On opening day in August, President Scott L Wyatt presented his State of the University to Faculty and Staff. Audience members filled the Great Hall with overflow in the Whiting room.

suu budget process 2018

Wyatt is committed to transparancy in the budget process. Each request will be tied to the Strategic Plan

suu mission statement intermountain west

The 2017-2018 year will continue the trajectory to increase the reputation of the university.

prospective students familiarity chart utah universities

He reminded Faculty and Staff about the extensive market research completed in 2015 showing Familiarity and the Perception of Quality are related. SUU's ideal position will be in the Favored School quadrant, rather than the current position of Undifferentiated.

suu marketing survey resonated parent student

Increased familiarity raises the reputation of the university and as a result the reputation of all those who work at SUU. It means SUU will more easily recruit new faculty and staff, build support from the legislature and donors, recruit highly qualified students, and add value to their diploma when searching for a job

rival iq suu top twitter engagement most improved

We have made great strides in engaging our followers on social media and are now ranked in the top ten in the nation for Twitter engagement.

favorability score utah schools college higher education

A recent spot survey of prospective students shows that we have increased in Favorability by 9.5% in just over two years.



suu ten year retention rate

A component of enrollment is retention of students from one year to the next. SUU will increase completion, and retention is used as a benchmark. 

graduation rates all 20 public regional universities and colleges intermountain west states

SUU is positioned very well in Graduation Rates among public regional universities in the Intermountain West.

bachelor's degrees awarded at suu most popular majors

This is a breakdown of the degrees awarded to the graduates in 2017. 

freshman contact communication 2017 18 school year

Student Services has recently made drastic changes to the on-boarding process of new students. See more about this effort in this video, Intentional Connections

suu gymnastics top gpa ncaa scholastic all americans 2017

The athletes at SUU are among the best students in the NCAA. 

suu general education

 General education has been difficult to innovate. SUU has created Jumpstart which integrates GE courses into a single year and is cohort based.

suu retention rates jumpstart program


suu end of term enrollment retention

Head count may reach 10,000 by the end of Spring term in 2018.

SUU new freshman 2017 2018

SUU has increased enrollment for the third year in a row. 

freshman admission index suu 2008

The quality of our students is going up and the entering class of 2017 will be the best prepared class in history.

average undergraduate class size suu southern utah university

Class sizes have remained almost the same with the addition of new faculty.

suu summer enrollment increase

Summer enrollments are up helping students graduate faster.

suu international student enrollment

SUU is building a more diverse student population by growing international enrollments.

title IX campus safety advisory committee

SUU will not tolerate any discrimination. Campus will be a safe space for students to learn. Sexual abuse of any kind will never be tolerated. A search is on for a full time Title IV coordinator and SUU is forming a campus safety advisory committee.

suu sports performance center athletic

A new performance center for athletics will be built.

suu sorenson family support center

The SUU preschool and lab will be built as SUU will request funding through the legislature. 

geosciences and engineering building

Our current business building will be retrofitted to Geosciences.

suu study abroad increase

T-Birds travel more than ever with an increase of 35% in study abroad programs. 

suu service and learning hours

Service has increased to 24 hours per student. 

experiential learning suu nsee library

SUU has been honored with the arrival of the NSEE Archive demonstrating leadership in Experiential Learning. 

suu nsee experiential learning

The president of NSSE explains why in this quote.

suu utah rural summit

For the 30th year running, SUU hosted theRural Summit and Gov. Herbert announced a new jobs initiative. 

suu rocketbirds competition spaceport

SUU competed in the Rocketbirds competition and earned honors. Rocketbirds is one example of the many programs faculty and staff help students with over the summer. 

suu outdoor nation

SUU will defend the title of Most Outdoorsy in 2016 after winning the title two years ago. 

suu aviation program

The SUU aviation program expanded the fleet to accomodate growth. 

suu electricity usage report


suu utah shakespeare festival guys and dolls

The Utah Shakespeare Festival is in full swing, visit for tickets.

suu tuition rates comparison other states utah

Utah has the fourth lowest tuition in the US. 

suu recession recovery employment changes

The value of a college education is seen here showing the recession hit hardest those with no college. 


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