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Who is Socrates?

By Southern Utah University on August 17, 2017

socratesSocrates was one of the most original, influential, and controversial philosophers of the Greek World. He spent his life in Athens conversing with people of all classes, seeking true knowledge (knowledge of self), and exposing the ignorance of those who claimed to have wisdom. His persistent questioning was viewed by the authorities as undermining Athenian values and undercutting the authority of those responsible for the education of the young men of the city. Accused of heresy and corrupting the youth of Athens, he was found guilty and sentenced to death by poison in 399 BC. Socrates was the first philosopher to make a clear distinction between the body and the soul. His work marked a decisive turning point in the moral and intellectual history of the West. His teachings, combined with iis example of a noble life and a calm acceptance of death, have made him the philosopher with the greatest appeal to the popular mind in the Western world.

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