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Introducing SUU’s New Student Body President: D’Mia Lamar

2018-04-Dmia-Lamar-SUUSA-Student-Body-PresidentD’Mia Lamar understands first-hand the numerous opportunities and experiences available to students at Southern Utah University.  As a double major in political science and philosophy with a minor in legal studies, D’Mia has recently been elected as the Student Body President for the 2018-19 SUUSA Senate. D’Mia wants to increase and extend SUU’s many offerings to students across campus.  

D’Mia is an empowered woman with a desire to make a difference. She is passionate about working hard for the things she wants and is determined to make changes at SUU. She knows how to tackle inclusion and diversity concerns first hand and wants to make SUU a home-away-from-home for all that come onto campus. She loves SUU and is ready to be a leader for the institution.

Throughout her college career, D’Mia has been actively involved in a number of clubs and organizations. She’s been a student ambassador, involved with the Black Student Union, served as Senator for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, been a member of the Alpha Phi sorority, and acted as the Vice President of Finance for the SUUSA Senate. While her life is busy trying to balance all her responsibilities, D’Mia wouldn’t want it any other way. She thrives on the idea of helping others and making a difference on campus.

Student government has always been something I've really enjoyed being a part of, said D’mia.  “So, although it may not have always been my goal to be the student body president, it has always been a goal of mine to be involved.”

As the new Student Body President, D’Mia hopes to be transparent and informative about what is going on around the school, recognizing student needs, putting action behind student requests and to continue building upon the foundation laid by previous presidents.

“This desire to be involved has manifested itself into running for the position of student body president,” said D’Mia. “I decided to run specifically for president after being the VP of Finance.  With the new student government structure, I realized how important it would be for someone to understand all the changes.

There are a lot more students involved with more jobs to cover and more work to be done. After getting into the groove of things, I began to better understand and appreciate the new system.”

D’Mia already has several projects in mind that she hopes to start during her presidential term. “There are quite a few projects already  in the works including the mid-semester grade policy, the campus tobacco initiative and a possible revision of the funding system that we as a student government cannot afford to begin over each year. One year really isn't a lot of time to get big projects done, so another reason that I decided to run for president was to ensure that these projects don’t get lost in the transition of leaders. We cannot afford to lose the progress that has been made. It is one of my top priorities to see that we continue to make progress with these initiatives and begin to work on any new projects students feel passionate about.”

D’Mia hopes to not just be the president to the student body, but a friend to them as well. One of the things she loves most about SUU is the strong sense of community and the family environment of campus. She encourages people to say hi and introduce themselves to her. She wants to get the know the students she’s serving on a more personal level and make sure their voice is being heard.

“It is of the utmost importance to me to represent the students honestly and diligently, listen closely to their concerns and serve the student body in the absolute best way possible,” said D’Mia.  

When D’Mia graduates, she hopes to take a semester or two to study abroad. She dreams of going to a Spanish speaking country and learning more about the culture and the language there. She’ll eventually end up in law school with the goal to someday become a judge or lobbyist.  She is passionate about law and government, which makes her role as student body president so fitting.

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