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2018 Thunderbird Awards Winners

The Thunderbird Awards have been a campus tradition at Southern Utah University since 1950. This formal event recognizes the accomplishments and contributions of students, faculty, staff, and community members. 

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2018 Commencement Awards

By Kenzie Lundberg on April 23, 2018

in Faculty, Cedar City, Graduation

Congratulations to the 2018 University Commencement award recipients.

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LDS Church as a Global Faith

By Kenzie Lundberg on April 09, 2018

in Faculty, Cedar City, Spotlights

Just a few short months into his presidency, President Russell M. Nelson is making historic changes to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. During the recent General Conference, the church enacted two substantive changes, one disbanding the longstanding priesthood organization at the local level, and the second scrapping and reforming the hallmark program of home teaching.

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Along with SUU Professor, Microsoft Publishes Study on Girls in STEM

Even with a higher priority placed on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) throughout education in the US, only a fraction of girls are likely to pursue a STEM career. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, while more than 57 percent of college undergraduates are women, only 18 percent progress into STEM careers. With a clear gap, Microsoft set out to better understand what causes girls and women to lose interest in STEM subjects and

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2018 Utah Legislative Session: Adjourn Sine Die

With the words "Adjourn Sine Die" and a wrap of the gavel, the 2018 session of the Utah State Legislature came to its conclusion. Southern Utah University will receive a 2.5% labor market adjustment increase and 4.1 increase for health insurance rate increases.

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2018 Utah Legislative Session: The Final Days

There are only four days left in the session and they promise to offer a wild ride. Though we did well in the appropriations process, things happen between then and now and we are anxiously await final budget decisions.

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The Films That Impacted Me The Most This Year

By Kevin Stein on February 22, 2018

in Faculty, Cedar City

As a lifelong film fan, I love to see movies that have not only great aesthetic quality, but also tremendous entertainment value (no, they are not the same thing--ask any fan of the Transformer movies) being celebrated in a single (often 4-hour plus) evening of glamour and self-congratulatory speeches.

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2018 Utah Legislative Session: Week Four

By Donna Law on February 20, 2018

in Cedar City, Political T-Birds, SUU on the Hill

We've been waiting for snow and here it is! As I type this on a snowy Presidents Day I'm happy to report we have passed the halfway mark of the 2018 Utah Legislative Session. While activities on the Hill last week included a vote to send a statue of Dr. Martha Hughes Cannon to Washington DC, mourning the loss of life experienced in the Florida school shooting, and learning of Mitt Romney's official entrance into the U.S. Senate race, our efforts continued with several

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Digital Wallets, Real Philanthropy

By Angela Pool-Funai on February 13, 2018

in Faculty, Cedar City

Imagine going to an arcade to play some old-school games. You exchange a few bucks into tokens, and you end up earning a handful of tickets from the Skee-Ball game. You can trade in your tickets for a toy at the front counter, but neither the tokens nor the tickets have any purchasing power once you leave the arcade. You cannot buy groceries or make a car payment with Skee-Ball tickets.

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A Brief History of the Olympic Winter Games

By Kenzie Lundberg on February 06, 2018

in Faculty, Cedar City

Starting this week, the world will look to PyeongChang, in the Republic of Korea, for the XXIII Olympic Winter Games. PyeongChang’s vision for the Games is to offer the Olympic Movement and the world of winter sports New Horizons - a legacy of growth and potential never seen before. According to the Olympic Games, PyeongChang’s plan is one of the most compact in Olympic history, offering a unique stage on which the world’s best athletes can achieve superior performances.

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