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Utah Lobbyist Presents in Entrepreneurship Class

On September 4th, Southern Utah University welcomed Jodi Hart-Wilson, a prominent Utah lobbyist, as the first speaker of the semester for the Entrepreneurship Speaker Series. The Entrepreneurship Speaker Series is a course on campus that invites various successful business owners and executives to present to the class each week. Speakers present on their accomplishments, challenges, and wisdom they’ve gained from their path to success.

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A New Way to Game

After being diagnosed with a life threatening, unique metabolic disorder that caused him to lose most of his vision, Thomas Sorensen, a California Native, defied all odds and is pioneering a new way to play open source software video games.

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Student Entrepreneur Reinvents the Stitch

The SUU Entrepreneurship Program has aided the efforts of a number of successful entrepreneurs. Among them is Christopher Christiansen, a senior biology/pre-med major from St. George, Utah who noticed a problem with current medical practices while working in a local emergency room.

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Creating a Mess-Free Meal Time for Moms

Not every business venture has to be done on a large scale. Some of the greatest business ideas can start in your very own home.

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Russian Tennis Player Starts Business to Help International Athletes

Evgenia Marushko has always loved tennis and trained at a professional level since childhood. As a teenager, she was deciding what to do with her tennis career. In Russia and most other countries in the world, there’s no college team sports. That means athletes have to either play professionally and hope that they are one of the few exceptions who makes it, or quit their sport and enroll at a local university.

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Student Entrepreneurs Want to Up Your Street Cred

When Southern Utah University student Adam Peterson told Dakota Denver his idea for an app called Street Credit, Denver knew he was on to something. Denver encouraged Peterson to submit his idea to the 90-second pitch contest hosted by the Entrepreneurship club and was blown away by his pitch. He decided to fully get on board with Street Credit and start helping with the business side of the process.

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Student Entrepreneurs Create Modest Swimwear Company

Southern Utah University is home to a number of promising student entrepreneurs. Among them are Jake and Jenna Duncan, two married students from Monticello, Utah and Parker, Colorado, respectively. Jake, a junior accounting major and Jenna, a senior marketing major, are in the process of creating a modest swimwear company, Geode Swimwear.

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Why SUU is the Place for Student Entrepreneurs

Student entrepreneurs at Southern Utah University span across many disciplines and industries. The common denominator in each student entrepreneurial endeavor is the resources available at SUU. With dedicated mentors, monthly networking events, a lively entrepreneurship club, and new programs in development, students of all majors have access to the necessary resources to start a business.

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SUU to Entrepreneur

Roxanne Bennett grew up in a small town in Idaho with a passion for helping others and a dream to one day own her own business. After marrying her husband Kendall Bennett, Roxanne came to Southern Utah University to earn her degree in education.

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Cedar Sports Competes in Utah Entrepreneur Challenge

By Abigail Wyatt on April 03, 2017

in Alumni, Cedar City, Entrepreneurship

Cedar Sports, Cedar City’s newest outdoor gear and rental shop, is a finalist representing Southern Utah University in the 2017 Utah Entrepreneur Challenge. This is a competition between hundreds of students from all colleges in the state of Utah.

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