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2018 Thunderbird Awards Winners

The Thunderbird Awards have been a campus tradition at Southern Utah University since 1950. This formal event recognizes the accomplishments and contributions of students, faculty, staff, and community members. 

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2018 Commencement Awards

By Kenzie Lundberg on April 23, 2018

in Faculty, Cedar City, Graduation

Congratulations to the 2018 University Commencement award recipients.

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Meet Our Professors: Megan Brunsvold, Dance

Megan Brunsvold has been teaching, choreographing, and performing throughout the country for the past seventeen years. Now, Brunsvold has taken her talents to Southern Utah University to be an assistant professor of dance in the Department of Theater Arts and Dance. Her experience and talents have landed her this position where she is able to work with students day in and day out, making art through the form of dance.

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Meet Our Professors: Howard Hu, Hospitality Management

Born in Taiwan, Dr. Howard Hu’s passion for hospitality started in his family-owned restaurant and grew into sharing the business as a professor of Hospitality Management at Southern Utah University. Along with his courses, Hu also helps students to obtain ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification, ServSafe Alcohol Certification, and Security Management Certification every semester.

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LDS Church as a Global Faith

By Kenzie Lundberg on April 09, 2018

in Faculty, Cedar City, Spotlights

Just a few short months into his presidency, President Russell M. Nelson is making historic changes to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. During the recent General Conference, the church enacted two substantive changes, one disbanding the longstanding priesthood organization at the local level, and the second scrapping and reforming the hallmark program of home teaching.

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Meet Our Professors: Angela Pool-Funai, Public Administration

Dr. Angela Pool-Funai’s first exposure to teaching came during graduate school after spending 15 years working in the nonprofit sector and on the staff side of higher education. That experience as an adjunct instructor was all it took for her to fall in love with teaching.

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Utah's New Free Range Parenting Law

By Kenzie Lundberg on April 06, 2018

in Faculty, Spotlights

Believed to be the first such law in the U.S., Governor Gary Herbert signed the Utah “free-range parenting” bill into law earlier this month after it passed both chambers of the Utah Legislature unanimously. The law amends the current definition of child neglect and makes technical changes to the current laws and will take effect in May 2018. 

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Data Privacy - The Responsibility of Facebook

By Rob Robertson on April 02, 2018

in Faculty, Spotlights

The conversation regarding data privacy of user information has been and continues to be a controversial issue that has to consider personal privacy rights, and effects of personal data being accessed by unauthorized parties. Facebook has found itself in the middle of this issue as they have experienced a breach of sorts through Cambridge Analytica according to some sources.

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Meet Our Professors: Mary Pearson, Accounting

Growing up just across the street from Southern Utah University, Mary Pearson has called Cedar City her home for most of her life. While a strong love of business runs in the family (Pearson’s dad taught business and two of her children have followed in her footsteps), teaching was not always her passion.

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Along with SUU Professor, Microsoft Publishes Study on Girls in STEM

Even with a higher priority placed on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) throughout education in the US, only a fraction of girls are likely to pursue a STEM career. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, while more than 57 percent of college undergraduates are women, only 18 percent progress into STEM careers. With a clear gap, Microsoft set out to better understand what causes girls and women to lose interest in STEM subjects and

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