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How to Decorate Your Graduation Cap: Tips, Tricks & Ideas

With one last chance to stand out and declare independence as a student, some graduates pull out all the stops when decorating their graduation caps. Having a decorated cap not only makes you unique, but it can also help friends and family find you in the sea of robed-graduates.

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Graduation Cap Decoration Ideas

  Graduation is a special day for you and your family. Decorating your cap helps you stand out in the crowd, making it easier for your family to watch you on this big day.  Here is a list of some of the best caps we've seen to help serve as inspiration.

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50+ Graduation Cap Ideas

Graduation. The capstone to years of stress, studying, tears and the best of memories. Students are rewarded with a degree or diploma which will set them on the path to success.  With one last chance to stand out and declare independence as a student, some graduates pull out all of the stops when decorating their graduation caps. And honestly, if you're going to go out, go out in style. 

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The Advantages of Attending College

Southern Utah University President Scott L Wyatt joined hundreds of high school students at Cedar High School in early December to discuss the advantages of attending college. Wyatt stressed that the decisions students make now determine the life they will lead.

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Help Your Student Register for Classes

Can you believe it's already time to register for Spring Semester? It's an exciting time, and a great opportunity for parents to help their students reflect on the things that have worked well during Fall Semester and discuss new opportunities for success. As your student is preparing their spring schedule, a few good questions to ask may be:

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9 Ways to Support Your College Student

By Abigail Wyatt on October 06, 2017

in Campus Resources, Parents, High School

The transition from high school to college requires a lot of changes. However, even though your student is beginning a new chapter in their life, they’ll still need mental, emotional and physical support from parents, guardians and family. This support is something many college students value, however it can be difficult for parents.

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How to Help Homesickness in College

At this point in the semester we often find that students are struggling with homesickness, adjusting to roommates, and learning to manage their school work. The excitement of their new experiences may be starting to wear off, and you may find that things are starting to feel more difficult for them. While this is very normal for students, it can still be hard for us to watch our students struggle, especially when we feel far away. College Parent Central offers the

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Transitioning from High School to College

College is an entirely different social and educational environment compared to high school. From managing your own schedule to moving out on your own, a lot is changing in your life and this crucial transition will affect you, for good or bad. To help with your pre-college jitters, here are 5 things you should remember when you start college.

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Sending Your Kid to College Checklist

At Southern Utah University, we know that sending a child to college is an exciting milestone. As a parent, we understand that you want to make sure your student is positioned to have the very best college experience possible, and that their success is important to you.

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6 Benefits of Getting Internships in High School

By Tessa Esplin on June 26, 2017

in Campus Resources, High School

In a recent study by and the consulting firm, Millennial Branding, 89 percent of companies surveyed said high school students with internship experience have a competitive advantage when applying for college-level internships and full-time jobs. An internship at a young age has a huge impact on future successes and can pave the way to your career.

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