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Conversations You Should Have With Your Roommates

By Eric Kirby on August 29, 2018

in Student Experience, Housing

Living with roommates can be difficult. Set expectations now to avoid later frustration. The following ‘roommate check-in’ can help you establish appropriate expectations and parameters with your roommates:

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10 Student Goals for a New School Year

Check out suutbirds on SlideShare The start of a new school year comes with change and growth - you're a year older and a year wiser.  With so many resources on campus, now is the time to utilize different opportunities, excel at your studies and become a more dedicated Thunderbird. Here are 10 simple goals for students at Southern Utah University.

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A New Way to Game

After being diagnosed with a life threatening, unique metabolic disorder that caused him to lose most of his vision, Thomas Sorensen, a California Native, defied all odds and is pioneering a new way to play open source software video games.

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Future Doctor Honored as COSE Valedictorian

Jacob Lambertsen is proud to represent the College of Science and Engineering as the 2018 Valedictorian. Lambertsen is a double major, studying biology and chemistry while maintaining an almost perfect GPA.

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Spreading Optimism Through LDS Home Decor

Fellow marketing majors and best friends, Samantha Amor and Camille Forbes, center their life around their religion, family, and inspiring others.

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Student Entrepreneur Reinvents the Stitch

The SUU Entrepreneurship Program has aided the efforts of a number of successful entrepreneurs. Among them is Christopher Christiansen, a senior biology/pre-med major from St. George, Utah who noticed a problem with current medical practices while working in a local emergency room.

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Student Musician Heads to Europe

Toquerville native Eli Wrankle is not your typical college student. A classically trained violinist, the sophomore music major comes from a family of artists. Their encouragement and love of music led Eli to become one of the founding members of a band that has played professionally in England, Scotland, and all over the western United States.

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Finals Week Survival Kit

You have made through the whole semester and now all you need to do before you can taste sweet freedom is pass all of your finals. This may be a little easier said than done, but with a little luck, a lot of studying and some advice you can breeze through your exams, papers, and presentations.

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Eating on A College Budget

One of the challenges of moving to college is learning how to eat on a college budget. As a student, when you're paying for school, fees, books, car, gas, rent, utilities, phone bills, and Netflix, it can be hard to make that paycheck stretch!

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9 Secrets to College Success

Having a successful college experience looks different for every person. For some they want to make friends and go on crazy adventures while for others it’s discovering who they are while also getting the best grades possible.

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