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Music Education Major Hopes to Inspire His Future Students

Michael D’Orazio, a junior music education major at Southern Utah University, has been interested in music since he was 11 years old. He was drawn to music because of the creative freedom to make art that was entirely his own. He transferred to SUU in the fall of 2017 from Antelope Valley College, a school in his hometown of Lancaster, California.

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SUU Student Helps Researchers Look For Epilepsy Cure

Does the idea of working with medical professionals to develop cutting-edge medical treatments get your neurons firing? It does for Lacey Woods, a junior and biology major at Southern Utah University from Henderson, Nevada.

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Student Educates Others Through Music

By Cami Mathews on January 03, 2018

in Students, Student Projects

As a self-described gypsy woman who loves art, music, travel and experiencing new cultures, Marissa Brown enjoys combining her passions with her degree in music.

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Math Student Selected for Prestigious Astrophysics Fellowship

Morgan Taylor’s passion for the universe and her perseverance in the classroom have qualified her to participate in the prestigious Los Alamos National Laboratory Undergraduate Student Program in June. A highly regarded science research internship, Taylor gained remarkable hands-on experience at Los Alamos, which complements her studies in mathematics at Southern Utah University.

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Engineering Student Optimizes Coal Plant Production Process

As an engineering major at Southern Utah University, Jacob Carter has had multiple opportunities to directly apply his education to real-world experiences. From working with businesses to presenting his research at statewide conferences, Carter utilizes his skills in engineering, project management and communication to effectively solve problems.

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Kali McKenzie: Wilderness Ranger

Wherever her career takes her, Kali McKenzie simply has to spend time in the outdoors. As a Wilderness Ranger for Zion National Park, she gets plenty of opportunities to do just that.

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7 Student Loan Mistakes And How to Avoid Them

By Kaden Mcbride on December 05, 2017

in Students, Campus Resources

A good education makes economic sense. College graduates on average make more money than people with only a high school diploma. They also experience lower levels of unemployment. These are great reasons to go to college but it can be difficult to pay for college with personal finances. Many students turn to loans in order to make ends meet and run the risk of making huge financial mistakes.

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University Students Discuss Bears Ears, Grand Staircase Monument National Debate

By Cami Mathews on December 04, 2017

in Students, Political T-Birds

The Michael O. Leavitt Center for Politics and Public Service hosts Pizza & Politics every Wednesday at noon to discuss a current political topic. Leavitt Center student employees research the topic and moderate the conversation. These discussions expose students to a variety of important issues and encourages them to share their own perspectives while learning all sides of an issue. Free pizza is provided for all who attend.

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Engineering Student Conducts Prestigious Space Research

When Harley Glad started at Southern Utah University, she had no idea what she wanted to do or be. Her only goal was to get her associate’s degree and hopefully find her passion along the way. Through a series of events and taking the career coaching class through the Career Center, she narrowed down her academic interests to engineering.

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Student Shark Tank Champion

By Ansleigh Mikesell on November 29, 2017

in Students, Campus Resources

Drea Briggs, a junior transfer student studying construction technology, won the SUU Student Association (SUUSA) Shark Tank Competition on Nov. 14. SUUSA awarded $1000 to Briggs for her project to install four more water bottle filling stations across campus.

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