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350 Students Participate in SUU Study Abroad Programs in 2017

By Abigail Wyatt on August 01, 2017

in Student Projects, Study Abroad

Study abroad can be a life-changing experience. Breaking from the routine of studying on campus, students are introduced to new perspectives and immersed in new cultures. They also have opportunities to grow academically, mentally, emotionally, socially and professionally. Both their academic and future professional careers benefit from international experience. That’s why the Office of Learning Abroad took more than 350 students abroad this year and awarded thousands

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Study Abroad Prepares Students for Life

By Abigail Wyatt on July 26, 2017

in Students, Study Abroad

According to a report from the Institute of International Education (IIE), study abroad does more than boost your resume. IIE President Dr. Allan Goodman believes the world and the workforce are becoming more globalized every day. In his opinion students need to gain an international experience which he believes to be vital for career success and mutual understanding.

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Summer Study in India Offers Lessons in Humility

Imagine visiting the Sikh house of worship in India. You remove your shoes at the gate, ceremonially wash your feet in a shallow pool, and cover your head as you proceed into the central area of worship. Inside, you circle the Sikh holy book in a clockwise path to show respect in the presence of meditating worshipers and chanting spiritual leaders.

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Future Therapist Learns About Culture Awareness in Spain

Taylor Morgan, from Irvine, California, is a junior majoring in psychology with emphasis in human services at Southern Utah University. In May, she traveled to Spain with the SUU Psychology department. The trip gave her an opportunity to see the world from a different point of view and to better understand cultural differences.

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Student Discovers Global Perspective in Nicaragua

Andria Burdick believes it’s important to try new things. A few years ago, she never would’ve guessed she’d be hunting insects and arachnids, eating traditional Nicaraguan food and hiking a volcano in one day. She did all that and more during her recent study abroad experience in Nicaragua; a trip that has had a profound impact on her life already.

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