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Tweets of Love

By Southern Utah University on October 14, 2016 in

Student Experience


There is something unexplainable about the love someone gets for their University, it's four years (and sometimes more) of someone's life where they meet new friends and find their passions. But at SUU, that love and admiration grows exponentially and students, professors, alumni and die-hard T-Bird fans alike have taken to Twitter to announce their affinity for their University. Now, SUU is expressing thanks for those heartfelt messages via a Twitter-led ad campaign called "Tweets of Love." A true and unelaborated testimonial campaign, in a 140-characters or less. 

Want a chance to get your Tweet of Love memorialized? Share why you love SUU on Twitter, use #TBirdLove and tag @SUUTBirds.

tweetsoflove1.jpg tweetsoflove2.jpg

tweetsoflove3.jpg tweetsoflove4.jpg

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