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News from the SUU Women's Network, February 2019

By Kenzie Lundberg on February 22, 2019 in

Cedar City

2019-02-Womens-Network-NewsletterThis spring, the Southern Utah University Women’s Network (SUUWN) is continuing its initiative to promote education and professional development through a variety of events, panels, and conversations. As an affiliate of the Utah Women in Higher Education Network (UWHEN), SUUWN provides opportunities for professional support among all women on our campuses, celebrating success, perpetuating laudable campus traditions, and advocating for the institutions' female employees concerning issues relevant to their campus experience, professional development and satisfaction as a members of this community.


Engineering Student Recognized for Academic Excellence

Kelly Lou Pelicano, currently a third-year engineering major at Southern Utah University has been recognized by her department and the SUU Women’s Network for her exceptional academic performance as well as her community engagement.

Kelly has come a long way to study at SUU. Born in Cebu City in the Philippines, she spent her early years in Papua New Guinea before moving to California with her family where her parents teach high school. Now Kelly has found a great fit at SUU where she gets hands-on instruction in engineering. Read Kelly's story.


Utah Women in Higher Education Leadership Conference

Registration is now open for the 2019 Utah Women in Higher Education Network Leadership Conference to be held at Dixie State University Friday, April 5. This year's conference theme is Rise Together and features a variety of speakers from across the state and a keynote by Dr. Ann Weaver Hart.

Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to attend. Thanks to the sponsorship of SUU’s vice presidents, this will be considered a professional development day and registration fees for the first 10 employees from each are will be covered. Please email Deena Marchal for more details or if you would like to register.


Strengthen the Impact of Utah Girls and Women

Have you wondered how you can do to personally or professionally strengthen the impact of Utah girls and women? The Utah Women & Leadership Project recently released recommendations to promote confidence, self-discovery, education, social development, and resilience amongst our young girls. Some of their suggestions include:

  • Teach girls explicitly to trust, think, and speak up for themselves, and then validate this behavior.

  • Take part in positive cultural change by speaking out against social norms that limit or devalue girls.

  • Help girls to understand that they don’t have to choose between motherhood and other roles (e.g., college student, employee, volunteer); they should plan to fill many roles throughout their lives.

  • Nurture girls’ educational aspirations at all levels, talk them through a wide variety of options as they discover favorite subjects, and help them see how education relates to and improves daily life.

  • Encourage girls to step outside their comfort zones, and encounter new people and perspectives.

  • Help young women recognize their own power and agency in any situation and which factors they can influence and control.

Read more on what mothers of daughters can do to strengthen the impact of Utah girls and women.


Shining Light on a Serious Issue

In the wake of Elizabeth Smart’s moving address and book signing earlier this month, there have been lots of conversations about how to prevent or respond to sexual assault. Nearly one in two women in the U.S. will experience some form of sexual violence in her lifetime, and unfortunately, Utah has the same overall rate. Public awareness on this topic is increasing which is why we wanted to share this video panel discussion on Sexual Assault in Utah from the Utah Women & Leadership Project’s Conversations that Matter series.

The SUUWN would also like to remind all campus faculty, staff, and students that our excellent Title IX Office has great resources and support for anyone in need of help with a gender inequity, sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and sexual assault issue.


SUU Women’s Network Board Nominations

It's that time again! Nominate yourself or a colleague to serve on the 2019-2020 SUUWN Board.  All positions go up for election annually.  The maximum term for executive board members is two years (except president elect) and maximum term for committee chairs is one year. However, individuals can continue to serve on the board if voted into a different position.

Nominations will close March 1st and the voting form will be accessible shortly after. Election results will be announced in April. Please contact  with any questions or concerns.


Upcoming Events

Join the SUU Women’s Network Wednesday, February 27 from 3:30-5 p.m. in the Charles Hunter Room of the Hunter Conference Center, for a Spring Panel focusing on the themes of Belongingness and Self Advocacy.

Beginning with a meet and greet from 3:30-4 p.m., then moving to a panel including Provost Brad Cook and Dr. Cynthia Kimball Davis from 4-4:30 p.m., and from 4:30-5 p.m. a series of simultaneous breakout sessions to help guide faculty and staff in better advocating for themselves during annual reviews and/or the new P&T process. The topics being discussed are:

  • Identifying the leadership value in each of us

  • Developing women’s leadership abilities

  • Encouraging the use of those abilities

  • Advancing women’s careers

  • Linking women to other women, mentors and resources

As you can only attend one breakout session, we recommend that you pick the session most pertinent to your needs and career goals.




About the Southern Utah Women’s Network

The SUUWN will work to create an educational, professional, and political climate in which women’s voices and values, in all their diversity and richness, are heard and included in an effort to shape the institutional and public agenda of higher education, as well as leadership roles for women at Southern Utah University. 


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